TODAY   |  December 07, 2012

Stocking stuffers for all ages at all prices

If you’re looking for a way to make your family’s Christmas morning more memorable, lifestyle expert Amy Goodman shares some adorable and affordable options for stocking stuffers everyone in your family will love.

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>>> back now with "today celebrates the holidays." this morning, stocking stuffers for every member of your family at every price range. our life-style expert joins us this morning. good morning.

>> thanks so much for having you.

>> i like this. the budget can get tough when you have a lot of real estate to fill the stockings. starting off with gifts for under $10.

>> these bold and wonderful monogrammed mugs from c. wonder will stop you from fighting over the mugs in the morning. you'll know who is who. perfect.

>> and a nice little bit of color is fun.

>> this is quite fancy.

>> for your pooch. very traditional to kind of give something to your pet in the stocking. these have a lot of bling, very fun bone and motifs on them and they start at $4.99 from home goods, such a steal, and i think, that you know, your pet will love them.

>> even have makeup. for people who love beatty moment from steela, their beautiful eye and cheek palette, $7 from home goods. normally $16 but over 50% off there, and it will give you a nice metallic shadow eye that then she can wear for later festivities.

>> and all set for your newyear's party, aren't you?

>> and also have when we're going 25 and under.

>> yes.

>> some of the fun things we have here, some socks.

>> that traditional.

>> exactly.

>> a whole new twist and honestly the best socks in the world made with 100% wind power and organic cotton . plus this, company gives back to detroit's homeless with jackets, and the design of the packaging alone is great.

>> and the socks are fun. and these are really sequiny.

>> you can get these sequin cases for your laptop, your ipad or your tablet covers. they are absolutely adorable from marshalls.

>> okay.

>> nice and sparkly.

>> a little bling can you bring with you wherever. this is kind of fun. not sure how we fit all of this in a stock?

>> if you remember the rubix cube , they broke it down into stackable blocks. you take this out of the packaging and stuff it into the stocking and they come tumbling out, immediate gratification, kids start playing with it right away.

>> are they magnetic?

>> just great blocks for stacking, and perfect for kids 18 months and up.

>> they fun. who doesn't love a little personalization on something, including your phone.

>> and this moves us into the 30 and under category. an amazing new company called shimmer online developed but two fabulous moms and customizable personal cell phone cases. either do the names, up to ten characters or do the monogram. they fit iphone 4, 4s a 5 and come in 25 different case styles but order by december 17th in order to make it in time for christmas.

>> to get it in time.

>> this is a fun little bag. you actually, this sews itself. how does it work? didn't fully understand it when i was reading it up.

>> from, another company, personalized make your own pencil cases so the kids open them up and use the felt markers to make a design hon their pencil case and comes with a complete set of pencils themselves so this is a fabulous thing kids can do.

>> now we're moving into 40 and under, but these charm bracelets you're a big fan of, why?

>> and each charm, charm bracelets for girls. either charm ties into a charitable component, the whale goes to save the whale and the butterfly, the nature conservancy and girls learn about serving their community.

>> when a great idea and every person needs one of these. portable charger.

>> from uncommon goods. hook them up to your ipad, your tablet or what have you, and they are just great because they give you three more hours of battery charge on them.

>> that's fantastic and don't really need an outlet.

>> this is a different wine bottle opener.

>> electric wine bottle opener so can you actually do this with ease, made by the food network .

>> no more broken could.

>> it really speeds up the process, and it's that easy to use.

>> there we go. real quickly. $50 and under including more sequins.

>> bangles from c. wonder that have the nice and sparkly, from barbara ann and company, for the cook who never gets a chance to change their dress, look sparkly and fabulous and slippers for grandma and grandpa, from l.b. evans from nordstrom and donyell green, very hot and on trend keeping grandma and grandpa's toes warm.

>> and maybe mine, too.

>> great to see you. nice ideas .