TODAY   |  December 07, 2012

Week’s top viral videos: Scary snowman, cat DJ

The TODAY team takes a look at the top viral videos of the week, including the snowman who scared unsuspecting shoppers, the cat testing its skills on the turntable, and a house getting into the Christmas spirit in a big way.

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>> they are alone in the elevator and the lights flicker and go out and when the lights come back on a ghostly little girl is standing with a doll. it's horrifying and wrong.

>> that is the best.

>> it's wrong.

>> so there was a secret panel in there from which she appears when the lights go out and there she is.

>> i always feel sorry. i think i'd go into shock.

>> i would. i'd be a wreck.

>> there were some tears later in the video, too. now we'll put that one up against three new videos that are hot this week. the first, of course, you've heard of frosty the snowman , but what about his old friend scary?

>> frosty is lucky nobody took him out.

>> some guy just cold calked him.

>> the cat decides to hop on and enjoy the ride . that was after deejay work.

>> if this had been a 78, that could have been a catastrophe.

>> and this one a spirit of a homeowner with a lot of holiday spirit, this one in idaho.

>> that's the dubstep christmas house. talked to the owner on thursday. tubing about 40,000 lights to make that happen. people listen to the music over the car radios. visitors encouraged to bring donations for a local food bank

>> i predict a repeat.

>> i think so.

>> everyone is going to go with the elevator.

>> i think in that group it gets re-elected.

>> it's a six-minute video, i thought to myself, i'm not going to watch this for six minutes and it's kind of mesmerizing.

>> you can't help it.

>> we don't want to bias the voting.

>> all spectacular. just an honor to be nominated.

>> to vote go to and make your choice.