TODAY   |  December 07, 2012

Everything emerald: How to use the color of the year

The Pantone has announced emerald as the color of the year, replacing last year’s tangerine. TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew shares a few of her favorite ways to incorporate emerald into your wardrobe, accessories, and décor.

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>>> why one color seems to pop up everywhere at once? we were full of tangerines in 2012 , and the new year will have us green with envy as emerald is awarded the coveted color of the year. contributor elizabeth mayhew is a lifestyle expert so green it is. green dress on.

>> i do, my green bracelet. not easy being green , but it's going to be very's to be green in 2013 .

>> it's everywhere. there's an institute that actually picks the color of the year. is this just people sitting around in a room all year long deciding, yes, green ?

>> the institute is made up of a group of people who are color specialists, and they are really informed by everything from fashion designers , to interior designers , to people who make things in this country and abroad, so they are looking at all kinds of influences, from movies to the runways. we're standing right now in front of two dresses from oscar $renta, one of the many designers who in the last shows for spring/summer was showing tons of emerald green , poured on to the runway.

>> got it.

>> things they are looking at. really everywhere, something to this.

>> so it comes from there, trickles down and they pick the color and as we see here it really comes down to affordable, gorgeous but not in everybody's budget.

>> j.crew, gap, even kohl's. some things you see now in stores but you'll really see it coming spring. everything from accessories. not everybody can pull off the green dress.

>> can everybody wear green ?

>> you can wear all different types of it, and so whether it's your watch band, the swatch watch.

>> as this green , it's a green -tinted lens.

>> glasses, they just have a green tinted lens so as you walk by you get a hint of the green . listen, the other thing that's happening is "the oz" movie is coming out in march. eye shadow .

>> green eye shadow and nail polish .

>> yes. in terms of land's end canvas line, vineyard vines and lucky, and then in the home, it's definitely an accessory that looks great. this is the thing about green . green is a natural color .

>> right.

>> it goes with everything.

>> we don't want it feel like, and i love christmastime and decorations, you don't want to feel like you have constant christmas goes on in your house. what's the best way to bring it in.

>> through a few throw pillows, from ralph loren , fabric, upholster something, paint one of your dressers green . pops of accent that will update and enline a room.

>> and we could actually start to see this on the road, is that correct? a concept car coming out?

>> a concept car coming out this color . this is the thing about the color . it is one of the reasons that the institute also chose it. it is a color of rejuvenation and colors set a tone. last year's color was bright orange. our economy, everything needed a giant burst of energy and now we're about trying to be unified and wholesome and grow.

>> right.

>> and that's why color green is in, even in your kitchen.

>> it is easy being green .