TODAY   |  December 07, 2012

Elijah Wood: Revisiting Middle Earth ‘was a gift’

The cast of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” sits down with TODAY’s Ann Curry in Wellington, New Zealand, to talk about filming one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year.

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>> reporter: a quest along with an unlikely hero.

>> so this is the hobbit.

>> reporter: and a wizard, ian mckellan returns as gandolf the gray. from the elf world calculate blanchette and hugo weaving and andy circus returns as the tortured golum. the newcomers, richard armitage as the dwarf king and martin freeman stars as the hobbit, bilbo baggins , uncle to the great hero frodo.

>> elijah, a lot of speculation about how frodo is in the movie when he's not in the book.

>> yeah. it was a surprise to me, because even if they were to make "the hobbit" i wouldn't be revisiting middle earth so it was a gift to come back, and it was a beautiful way that they have handled that getting back into that part of the universe.

>> was the gift to be in the movie or was it to work again with this tribe you last worked with when you were 19?

>> i turned 19 in "hobbit" and 30 years old, and, again, the gift was getting a chance to revisit the family and friends, and this place that had meant so much to me.

>> you'll turn 40 there, too.

>> that's great.

>> yeah. it was truly wonderful, felt like stepping back into time.

>> so many people had done the voice of golum as a joke or sort of to mimic him. but you had to redefine your own voice of golum, is that true?

>> i think it's true that he's sort of been absorbed into the public conscious, and there really isn't a day that goes by that someone asks me to do golum or do the impersonation.

>> peter jackson said that he loved working with all of you, but he said working with you, martin, was a joy, but rehearsing with you was a pointless exercise.

>> [ bleep ].

>> but you know what he's saying there?

>> i do. there's always ten ways to skin a cat, and i want to explore all of them.

>> leading the dwarves on their quest thorn played by richard armitage .

>> as a dwarf we know you were not typecast, richard.

>> that's true.

>> and i understand you did not unpack for three weeks?

>> yes, that's also true.

>> why is that?

>> i thought i might be going on a plane home.

>> really?

>> really?

>> yeah, yeah.

>> i just figured that being 6'2" and taking on the whole character that i felt was bigger than me, strangely enough.

>> luckily we with this dwarf boot camp which really was a boot camp because they brought these boots in on the first day, and we all had to wear them.

>> you were trained how to move.

>> we started from the feet down and worked upwards and terry, the most incredible movement director, brought in a weight belt with a weight on it and they said, okay, dwarves have gonads made of stone and that's where you start so start your dwarf in that place and work upwards.

>> i can't really imagine that.

>> felt so weighted down, sort of pulling your sense of gravity low and then trying to sprint with that, so there was a lot of physical work, a lot of training.

>> and how were elves taught to move? did you go into training too, hugo?

>> i'm just naturally graceful.

>> even in hd, elron has not aged, nary a wrinkle worry.

>> a little interesting little lifts under my wig. the heat of the lights after a while sort of popped on your feet and the face would fall.

>> as "the hobbit" is about to be revealed all across the world, are you ready for this unexpected adventure ahead, or do you wish you could crawl into a hole like biblbo baggins?

>> that's assuming we might all well be gone but that's might not happen. hopefully people will like it which is the most important thing now.

>> i'm going on an adventure!

>> a lot of be a tis pace for

this movie, "the hobbit: an unexpected journey " opens nationwide next friday.