TODAY   |  December 06, 2012

Try these tasty wines under $12

You don’t have to empty your bank account for a good bottle of wine. Ray Isle, executive wine editor for Food & Wine Magazine shares wines that won’t break the bank and are perfect for every occasion.

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>>> you don't have to spend a lot of money for a good bottle of wine. all it takes is about 12 bucks.

>> our friend blind tasted 121 all around the country and compiled six.

>> you do some spitting. 120 wines, even if you drink them all you'll be on the phone so you spit. the really good ones, you don't spit.

>> what is the difference between $12 and $20? does it matter?

>> eight bucks.

>> great to have you. coming up next. no, go ahead.

>> some of it is production costs , some is how much the land costs and some is brand identity. you can pay more, same way you pay more for armani than levis. this is a french wine called picpoul from the south of france. southern french wines are an extraordinary value. $9, $10, $11. this translatesed a lip stinger.

>> i like that.

>> there are great names. there is a portuguese grape called dog strangler. which we don't serve very often. a good wine, you need for the holidays you need a good cocktail party , everybody is going to like it wine. kris pinot grigio . it's zesty, juicy.

>> are you a white wine kind of guy?

>> mostly whiskey.

>> i haven't done 120 whiskey tastings.

>> it's a good time.

>> this is dashwood sauvignon blanc from new zealand.

>> it tastes like grapefruit. you think should i spend $10 or $40?

>> we are in a golden age for affordable wine. the quality of inexpensive wines is really high. this is evodia from spain. $9.99 a bottle, a big, robust full-flavored red wine . one of the secret tricks of the wine business, if you look on the back of the bottle it says eric solomon selections. one thing is there are importers who act as curators. they only bring in things they love. importers are always on the back of the bottle. without knowing the wine, you know it's going to be a good wine. that is a little insider.

>> you didn't love that?

>> no, i did. if you're not an expert, there is a $9.99, how do you know it's that one and not sort of a cheap wine?

>> partly by tasting a lot. go to a good store. first advice is find a store where people pay attention to you, listen to what you say, listen to what you like. they are not going to try to sell you something that's bad because they want your business to come back. trust those guys. it's good.

>> pascual toso, argentine malbec. that is $10.99 a bottle. holiday buying. you know you're going to pour wine for a lot of people. buy by the case. most stores give you 10% -- you need to buy lots and lots of wine. 10%, 15% is standard. we bought the other day in new york, 20% discount on the case. we paid $7.99 for it. beautiful, southern italian , lots of flavor.

>> the motto of the show, buy wine in bulk. that's how they operate.