TODAY   |  December 06, 2012

13 stylish gifts for women, all under $100

Whether the women in your life are fashionistas or techies, Subira Shaw of InStyle has the perfect, affordable gifts, including jewelry, jackets, and stylish iPad cases.

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>>> i want for christmas is you

>> this morning on "today's" holiday gift guide, stylish gifts for the women in your life. they're all $100. very good to see you.

>> thanks for having me.

>> a leather bomber, you say this is a safe bet fashion wise for women.

>> this is great. we've searched high and low for the best gift for women and, you know, we've got them, everything you need from the techie to the fashionista.

>> for $100 or less.

>> exactly.

>> this is less than $100?

>> it is. it's $85, it's where motorcycle meets chic.

>> and pantone says green is the color next year.

>> exactly. hours ago they announced that. now we've got this wonderful on-trend super, super forward look and, you know, we've seen a lot of colored leather in the fall and that's going to be the same case going forward. this is by ruby and jenna.

>> down is usually big and bulky.

>> this is very lightweight, at the same time it's very stylish. comes in 20 different colors. and you know, when you want to tote it around, you can use this cute sack. only $70.

>> that's a good deal. now for the techie female in your life, you've got great ipad covers.

>> right. it's a nice departure. it's different from that typical very hard case. it's from armand.

>> a lot of people want to play records.

>> many collect them. and this plays three different sizes. you can tote it around, play deejay at home and it's only $85.

>> now jewelry?

>> yes, these are cuffs all by stella and dot. a cuff is something you can give to a woman --

>> how do you know? jewelry is an individual thing.

>> it is. but there's something for everyone whether the lady is very mod, whether she likes more botanical inspired fashion. there's plenty to choose from. these two are only $32, and at that price, she can do the wonder woman look.

>> bag or clutch?

>> yes, the clutch, this is a digital jewel print. so it's very kaleidoscopic. and these are box clutches from zara.

>> and something i'm not worried about is the little hair clip things.

>> yeah, it's a tiny mini styler. even at that size, she can fit it in her purse, you don't sacrifice on the power, heats up to 400 degrees.

>> a lot of nail polish .

>> women love to experiment and accessori accessorize.

>> is the gel thing still hot?

>> yeah. still hot. but this is for the woman on the go. you get 14 polishes for $10. this is from opi, $25 for these ten minis. and then here you get a mini caviar bar. you know, it's a very hot trend right now where you can make your nails look 3d by dropping