TODAY   |  December 06, 2012

DJs apologize for prank call to Kate’s hospital

King Edward VII hospital in London is still reeling from being seriously punked by two radio DJ's who called and spoke to Kate’s nurse. Meanwhile, the two Australians DJs apologized for their hoax. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> london where the duchess of cambridge is now resting at kensington palace as hospital officials deal with fallout from the embarrassing prank call that got through to the hospital. michelle kosinski is with us once again. good morning.

>> reporter: you know what? the more you hear of that phone call , the more incredible it seems that anyone, anyone could take those callers seriously. today the deejays themselves are stunned and apologizing while kate recuperates at home. duchess kate spent nearly four days in the hospital comforted by prince william . last night her sister pippa, brother james, and her mother. the hospital, though, still reeling from being seriously punked by two australia deejays.

>> you are going to be the queen.

>> this is awesome.

>> i'm going to be prince charles .

>> i'm the queen.

>> simply dialing up this very private hospital .

>> are they putting us through?

>> yes.

>> if this worked, it's the easiest prank call we've ever made.

>> good morning, this is the nurses speaking.

>> hello, i'm after my granddaughter kate . i want to see --

>> she's sleeping at the moment and she's getting some fluids to rehydrate her because she was quite dehydrated when she came in.

>> when is a good time to come and visit her because i'm the queen and i need a lift down there.

>> reporter: it only got worse, yet continued to work.

>> difficult sleeping in a strange bed, as well.

>> yes, of course.

>> nothing like the palace is it, charles? and when are you going to --

>> reporter: this morning the deejays are apologizing as themselves.

>> wow.

>> yeah. what was meant to be a simple prank call with very terrible accents with the expectation of being hung up on has turned into something huge.

>> and tweeting, we're very sorry if we caused any issues for kate or the nurse. the performance getting terrible reviews from the hospital.

>> i'm not impressed. i have to say. our nurses are caring professional people trained to look after patients. not to cope with journalistic trickery of this sort.

>> reporter: well, it's suspect that the deejays are saying they only meant to wish her well. they're calling her at 5:30 in the morning, what would they have done if they'd been patched in to her. put her voice on the air while she's ill in the hospital?