TODAY   |  December 05, 2012

Get great deals on American Girl dolls, shoes

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares her latest Steals and Deals, including deep discounts on American Girl dolls, Crocs shoes, and jewelry, just in time for holiday shopping.

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>>> time now for what we will call an epic jill 's "steals and deals" holiday edition where we bring you holiday deals. jill martin is here with all the steals. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's start with this beauty set from philosophy. full-sized versions of some of the best.

>> awesome beauty for the holiday. retails for $100. offering four of their best selling products with a holiday twist so it's the refresh and glow, hope in a jar facial moisture riser, for the body and three in one cleansing gel and all in one shampoo and bubble bath . the retail $100 for the whole set, $32.50.

>> smell like a hope in a jar. one of their top sellers , a great moisture riser for every skin type.

>> and a great gift even to load up on them for the year.

>> definitely. over here. shoes from crocs, a favorite in the howth house olds, including my own.

>> retail for 39.99 and take on the classic as you see clog style. has a closed heel with comfortable cushioning and a head's up. if you're a half size, order down to the next smaller size, 7 1/2, order a 7. retail 39.99. the deal is $15.99, 60% off and rare that they give a deal like this.

>> fantastic. next, we've got a set of cook books from random house here, and, again, some of the best chefs.

>> retail , 89.95 to $100, two- box set mastering the art " julia child ," the martha stewart set and giada de laurentiis , the retail 89.95 to 100. the retail for the set $27, up to 73% off.

>> my favorite chefs right here. good christmas gifts if anybody is listening at home, honey. okay. over here, steak knives. steak knives are a fantastic gift as well. these are made my stokes.

>> the retail is $100, so they are offering the best handmade sets of steak knives.

>> these are gorgeous.

>> brown or black wood including the storage box so this is really giftable, throw on a ribbon an offering free shipping, retail $100. the deal is 29.99, 70% o.something you don't buy yourself and if you're entertaining.

>> entertaining and serving steak you want a substantial knife so that's great. let's move on to jewelry. gorgeous necklaces from mary margrill and you're wearing one on your neck.

>> great to layer.

>> retail $135, and it's the instant heirloom collection, so it's a choice, if you can see right there, has your name on it, right?

>> it's a choice of peace, love or joy, so it's a circle pendant.

>> pretty.

>> on a sparkle chain, each chain plated with 14 karat gold, beautiful gift, layering gift, retail 135 and the deal 39.90, 71% off.

>> and last but not least, special bonus offer. this will go fast. the dolls from american girl . tell me about the two different kinds of dolls.

>> i needed security getting in here today.

>> crazy.

>> with these dolls because everyone is going crazy. the retail , 125 to 129. let me introduce you to marie grace andy y icecille and they come with the accessories package with the hats and the gloves and they also come with a book.

>> tells their story.

>> just so you know their backgroumptd they are from new orleans, ver from new orleans and very good friend and teamed up to help people in need .

>> oh.

>> i'm well versed so if your daughter wants one of these, the deepest gi esest discount they have ever given.

>> retail for 125 to 129, plus the accessories and plus the book.

>> and the deal in.

>> also an option which is much nicer than my bed. this is the canopy bed , wooden bed frame and satin bedspread, any of these, 125-129. the deal is $50. that's up to 61% off.

>> that is fantastic.

>> and you're right. this bed is like a nice piece of furniture. a dog -- a little tiny dog could sleep in there. jill martin, thank you.

>> we have a lot of them, if you go on right now, i hear the fingers typing in the office.

>> to remind you what the products, are the beauty packages from philosophy, the shoes from crocs, the cook book sets from random house , the stokes knife set and the necklaces from mary margrill and dolls and accessories from american girl which will go fast. if you have any questions go