TODAY   |  December 05, 2012

Paula Deen cooks up holiday ham 4 ways

The celebrity chef and entrepreneur shares her simple, unique approach to impressing your guests this holiday season, demonstrating how to cook up a traditional holiday ham in four creative ways.

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>>> school," holiday hams.

>> what are you laughing at?

>> at matt putting on gloves, just funny to me.

>> i read the note. says we've got to have our gloves on. celebrity cook and entertainer and entrepreneur paula deen is here with a unique and simple approach. nice to see you.

>> nice to see you all. i've been trying to get here for a mumt. my friends at smithville and i are looking forward to get up here to do what we could to help out.

>> you were in staten island ?

>> i was? staten island yesterday, guys, and it was incredible, incredible. i took them some hams, smid field and we were there making a delivery to them. just incredible, and i'm going to the food bank after i leave here.

>> that is nice.

>> and we are going to feed 1.4 million people.

>> good for you. that's really nice.

>> good news. we're going to make hams today. yes, it's all about the ham.

>> ham station. not to be confused with willie geist 's ham station, this is different.

>> what are we doing?

>> matt, each of you will unveil your -- your item that you're going to prepare your ham with, so you've kind of got a little idea.

>> okay.

>> ham four ways.

>> secret ingredient.

>> let's unveil.

>> all right.

>> okay.

>> and you want to do matt's first.

>> what kind of ham am i starting with?

>> how long do we have?

>> three minutes.

>> we have three minutes from now.

>> oh, gosh. we've got to hurry.

>> here's the knife. they have already scored it for us, yes. we've got soy sauce, gar little, peanut butter and i think that's -- what is that?

>> ginger.

>> are you drinking it?

>> chicken broth.

>> okay.

>> and we're going to put that all together and make a marinade, and you've already got your honey in there. so we're going to rub that all over, there you go, just dump it in there, and this is the finished product.

>> okay.

>> i've got my angel.

>> pineapple ham.

>> you're going to do a pineapple. objection so you just do the best you can with it.

>> pour everything on there. i hear you're a gourmet cook.

>> yes.

>> that's the way my mom used to make the ham with the pineapples and the mayraschinomaraschino cherries.

>> you've got mustard, orange marmalade and egg wash, we're going to mix that, glaze it. we're going to bake it for 20 minutes and then we're going to pull it back out. we're going to put your -- your thing on it.

>> pie crust.

>> so like that and then we're going to egg wash it and cut out out of one, the little decorations. a little bit extra there.

>> my natalie.

>> mustard, i guess.

>> orange juice , yes.

>> mixing it all together.

>> yes.

>> okay.

>> and whisking that up.

>> these hams are all pre-cooked, right, so how much time do they really need in.

>> they say like 20 minutes per pound, but sometimes i'll go like 15 minutes .

>> okay.

>> can you help with my ham?

>> you're perfect. we need szott some toothpicks, now matt, i want you to get in there and rub your meat. do we have any music?

>> seriously, all right.

>> you want us to dim the lights? what are we going to do, throw that in the oven now?

>> i wanted to you rub it in real good.

>> i've done that.

>> yeah.

>> how long is that going to cook again?

>> well, we're looking at like 20 minutes a pound.

>> okay, great.

>> savannah?

>> how does mine look?

>> yours looks beautiful.

>> i already did it.

>> tic your cloves in your pineapple, got it.

>> and you see the little toothpicks, that's to keep it to hang on.

>> nice.

>> how long do you cook that? same thing, 15 to 20 minutes per pound. that's a tough piece right there.

>> i'll try some of this one, it's already cut up.

>> it is delicious.

>> how gorgeous is this ham right here?

>> that's a work of art.

>> it really, really is and al was just saying that this is the ham his mother always made.

>> really want to seat recipes,, and we're back with paula after your local news.

>> love you.

>> thank you, matt. i love you, too, precious.

>>> we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. it's the 5th day of december, 2012 . a lot