TODAY   |  December 05, 2012

Is Anna Wintour qualified to be ambassador?

TODAY’s Professionals Donny Deutsch and Star Jones, joined by Paula Deen, discuss some of the topics making headlines today, including the rumors that Anna Wintour will be made a U.S. ambassador, and a new study that looks at re-gifting.

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>>> we are pack at 8:38 with "today's professionals," our power players are here and assembled to tackle the hot topics of the morning, if i could get it out. star jones , donny deutsch and sitting in for dr. nancy this morning, paula deen . great that you're here.

>> thank you, savannah. i have to say this is one of my favorite segments on the "today" show except when i'm the topic.

>> you know, you're in the clear. you only have to --

>> i'm cleared today.

>> you only have to opin they morning.

>> sitting next to these two brainiacs.

>> careful the way you reach over to dony.

>> he's a big old flirt. let's start with anna the ambassador, a report out of bloomberg, anna wintour , chief of "vogue" magazine may be considered to be ambassador to the white house to either the uk or france. the white house is denying the report and she denies it as well. it may well happen. what -- what's your gut reaction? what do you think of this idea, good or bad, done?

>> you know what's interesting. anna wintour , good or bad, we cavalierly accept that the big donors, the people who raise money for president get these ambassadorships. we complain about the superpacs and people buying election. why if someone raises should they be qualified to be an ambassador, nobody is raising hands about anna wintour or somebody else, something wrong with the system.

>> good, bad or indifferent, a system all around. some ambassadors are fund-raisers. what do you think, paula?

>> right, right. i think a lot has to do with the person that's being asked to do it, whether they can step in and be passionate about it.

>> also what place they are going to be sent to.

>> right.

>> the united kingdom and france are huge allies for us, and i imagine that that position is extremely powerful. if you're going to send someone we know with the ambassador that we lost this past year, that that position is extremely important and we don't want to give short shrift to any ambassador.

>> i'm not sure candidly and i'll be black listed, but i'm not quite sure somebody who edits a fashion magazine is qualified to be a liaison to one of our biggest allies. i'm not quite sure what she's done in her career to justify that.

>> not all ambassadorships are created equal. being ambassador to pakistan is being different than being ambassador to france . does that change the analysis?

>> you're still an ambassador to one of the major countries of the world . we've lost sight. such a blurring between entertainment and politics, it's like awin the yorks ambassador to france , i'm sorry, no thank you.

>> that profile you were counting on, you are out.

>> nothing personal.

>> sexiest man alive, don't be waiting.

>> coming up next, it's the gift that counts. a couple of interesting studies out about the holidays and gifting, and apparently one of them says researchers found people are better off giving gifts that the recipient actually wants rather than wasting time and energy rather than they think what is the thoughtful gift, the opposite of the thought that's counts. what do you think?

>> i have re-gifted before because i had to see something perfectly good that i don't need go to waste when i know that somebody could use that and enjoy it.

>> i was raised by the greatest re-gifter ever. barbara walters is the best re-gifter.

>> is she.

>> she talks about it all the time, taught me how to do it. the important thing is to take it out of its original works and give it all new paper and put a new bow on it and it becomes a brand new gust.

>> that suggests you're not honest when you re-gift. some people say it's okay to re-gift if you're transparent about it.

>> the same bottle of champagne going around.

>> i thought it was a fruit cake.

>> i think it's something that's not personal, like i said, a bottle of booze or personal, but to me something that's personal, if you re-gift it.

>> if you personally have a berken bag and want to re-gift it over to me.

>> you have to make sure you don't re-gift it to the person who gave it to you to start with. i was mortified one christmas morning , i had been to qvc, and there was a shoe sale, so i had run over there and i bu 20 pairs of shoes for my niece, and she was opening each box, and my daughter-in-law brook said, oh, look, those have been worn. and somehow i had selected a pair of worn shoes. apparently somebody had returned so i was embarrassed.

>> is your neeiece imelda marcos .

>> you know kari.

>> and there's this roller coaster that a dad built in his backyard for his little child . you have to see this, quite an elaborate roller coaster , a 12-foot drop and some people when they see the video they feel that perhaps it's a little bit dangerous. others are saying, wow, this is the greatest dad ever.

>> wow.

>> my 5-year-old and 9-year-old would l not be having a play date at that gentleman's house.

>> you know, i'm a believer. we just need extra potential problems for children. what the heck is going on with that?

>> paula, super fun or super dangerous?

>> i love it. i think it's super fun, and i bet she is probably strapped in. i can't --

>> why create that problem? there are enough things to do in the world.

>> trampoline, all of that stuff, donny is --

>> yes, yes, yes.

>> i can't emergency the licenses that this guy had to have to build this.

>> and the kid doesn't even have a helmet on.

>> it's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

>> i would quit this job and just go and park