TODAY   |  December 05, 2012

Suspected subway pusher in custody, not charged

In exclusive video from NBC, detectives can be seen handcuffing a man suspected of fatally pushing a subway rider onto the tracks at a station in New York City – an incident witnesses described as “terrifying and terrible.”

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>>> let us begin on this wednesday morning with a suspect now in custody in the deadly subway shove here in new york city . nbc's mara schiavocampo is at the station where it happened. mara , good morning to you.

>> reporter: matt, good morning. after an extensive but brief manhunt police picked up a suspect for questioning today, and as officials try to sort out exactly what happened, many are left wondering what they could have done to help. in mid-town manhattan tuesday, a potential break in the case of a subway murder just one block from the scene of the crime . in this exclusive video, detectives can be seen handcuffing 30 yeefls niem davis, taking him in for questioning in the death of 38 ki-suk han, a married father from queens , new york . monday, han was pushed on to the subway tracks just seconds before a train came barreling into the station. what was the scene like?

>> it was horrifying. it was terrible. everyone was screaming stop the train. there's a man on the tracks, and all i saw was that it clearly didn't stop in time for him to survive.

>> reporter: police say it all started with a heated argument.

>> leave me the bleep blown alone.

>> reporter: han and another man yelling at each other on the subway platform before han was shoved. the incident left the train conductor so traumatized he needed medical care . shocked kamelo commuters.

>> frightening.

>> tear firing and terrible.

>> reporter: and sparked a massive manhunt. freelance photographer omar abassi was at the subway station monday and took the now controversial photo of han's last moments showing him desperately trying to climb off the tracks. despite outrage over the image, abassi says he was trying to help han using his flash to alert the conductor. tuesday on "today" --

>> i'm sorry, somebody is on the tracks, that's not going to help. try to get them off the tracks.

>> reporter: and online with tweets like how can you film a man about to die? shame on you. and put the camera down and help the man. where has our humanity gone?

>> i think the photographer did what he was trained to do which is to capture a picture of drama that was taking place before him, so all we can do is try to understand, and, again, we're not in that photographer's position.

>> reporter: other witnesses say they did try to get the train to stop, but no one actually lent a hand. police say that suspect has several prior minor arrests. in this case he's not been arrested or charged with anything. matt?

>> mara schiavocampo, thank you very