TODAY   |  December 04, 2012

Fashionable, reusable gift-wrapping ideas

Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman  shares some of the latest trends for wrapping your gifts this holiday season, and some ways to get the kids involved in decorating your presents.

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>>> time for today celebrates the holidays, and a part of gift giving that takes some.

>> you could struggle with the scissors and puncture the paper or take some advice from our style expert amy goodman .

>> ms. perfect.

>> she get it is just right. hey, girl. how are you?

>> excellent.

>> this is fighting a lot of people. you are very good at it or you're not.

>> we have a lot of really easy tips. most importantly, just have fun. my first job ever at the age of 16 was gift wrapping in a little gift shop in santa rosa , california. i'm also japanese, as you know. i take my gift wrapping --

>> you're origami oriented.

>> these wrapping papers are made to look like tweed or hairing bows, so it looks like a fabric, then you have the velvet trim, too, so you're making a rich fabrication here that's on trend.

>> you made these bows?

>> i did make the bows. now you're going to make them. this is pretty easy. aeg bow here. you wrap the ribbon around six times and secure it with a rubber band . it kind of makes it stick and play. then you pull very slowly the loop and on the bottom, pull out the loop to the left. you should have about six loops or five loops to make a gorgeous pom-pom bow. for those at home, you want to use a medium-weight ribbon. you feel a touch of wire in there. it's really, really easy to manipulate.

>> you place it and it stays.

>> right. then when you have it flaired and opened, take a ribbon around it and secure.

>> okay, anybody can do it.

>> if you can see, which i can't.

>> bows should be proportionate to the packages you put them on, right? gorgeous, lovely work.

>> thank you so much.

>> for bigger packages like we have here and below, you'd want to make that yourself. or you could do a flat bow, as i've done here. this is basically a santa's belt that was inspired by this ribbon that i got at michael's. find your inspiration everywhere to gift wrap . a couple of tips with wrapping big packages, stores have extra long, extra wide wrapping paper that makes it much easier. also, go for a monochromatic color. if you have to cut out and make it all, you want the seams to be as seamless as possible.

>> i always worry about those kinds of things. anyway --

>> here's something to do that's really fun with the extra pieces of gift wrap you have. say you have these odd strips, you can make a tree garland. i added snowballs too.

>> now you're getting ridiculous.

>> eventually you can wrap it around your present.

>> that's actually very cute.

>> if you don't have extra strips, you can use your computer paper, which i did in this case.

>> that's actually beautiful.

>> really easy to do. here's ways to get involved with the kids for the next two gifts. this is a loose box or anything glass container -wise. this is sparkle modge podge. wipe it on, it's kind of like a glue but it dries quickly. this lies flat like that. only takes a couple minutes to dry, then in the end you go over one more time and it creates this beautiful seal. i did this with my 6-year-old daughter, it was very easy. if younger people do it, put a lovely metallic tissue taxpayer inside so you don't see the gaps. i did this with extra random tissue paper that i have. it's very easy to do. this was a 3 and 5 and 7-year-old handprint.

>> so cute.

>> from the blog. they crafted these for us. i think what's so special for a family you can't send the holiday with, give a piece of them through the mail.

>> send them to grandma.

>> she'll probably keep the wrap more so than what's inside of the package. thanks to kiwi crate for that. these are reusable. odd-sized items, this is from reuse what i love, this is really the tradition of japanese.

>> what?

>> fudoshki. i'm japanese, so you take the fudoshki. we take it very seriously in japan, but you tuck here. you make a tail here that hangs out. just like you would normally with a package, tuck the edges and roll it up. this is a great idea for the dudes that say i don't know where the gift wrap is. they have to use it every single year to wrap your present. it's reusable. here we have a different version, very satiny. and a thanks to the container store for providing so many wrapping.

>> i love the container store . you go crazy in that place.

>> even you would get inspired.

>> hoda would get organized!

>>> we have a great catch in the kitchen. top new