TODAY   |  December 04, 2012

Try a holiday dish with fish for a change

If you are looking for some alternatives to fattening, traditional holiday meals, we have you covered. Hung Huynh, executive chef of Catch NYC, cooks up marinated baked fish and sautéed green beans.

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>>> we're cooking up something on the lighter side for your next family feast.

>> executive chef at new york city catch. we were there last thursday night for a party. it's fantastic. he's going to teach us all a thing or two about a certain fish.

>> dancing the night away there.

>> just a little bit.

>> saw the photos. we hate that picture. any who.

>> today i'm going to show you one of my favorite dishes to cook and fish. i'm going to tell you how to cook the really nice fish. get the fish gills, nice and red. eyes nice and clear. poke it, nice and firm. give it a smell, shouldn't smell like anything. nice and fresh.

>> okay.

>> first thing we're going to do is score it, which is to cut into the skin.

>> why do you do that?

>> marinate can go in there and season the fish. if you don't find helping me with ginger, lemon grass , chives, and parsley into the soy sauce .

>> uh-huh.

>> here's the lemon grass . if you have no lemon, just --

>> smell the lemon grass , put you in a good move.

>> olive oil with no sugar.

>> should i put this?

>> a little bit. a little olive oil . a little bit.

>> come on, baby.

>> now marinate the fish for at least two hours before we put it in the oven at 375. massage my fish down. rub it down.

>> you have to do it. you have to rub it. so we'll put it in the oven for about 15 minutes . here's the magic oven.

>> okay.

>> next step is we're going to cook sauteed green beans . go ahead. first thing we're going to do is add a little bit of garlic. give it a little toast. smells great, right?

>> love the smell of garlic.

>> ginger.

>> so far we like everything you're doing.

>> everything.

>> once that's toasted, add the green beans , pepper, and napa cabbage . careful, don't burn yourself. hot in the kitchen.

>> sizzling, baby.

>> look at hoda go.

>> smells delicious.

>> the aroma from the ginger is coming out. we're going to saute this for a couple of minutes until it turns translucent. add sugar and soy sauce . very, very simple, basic, clean flavor.

>> make hoda work it.

>> shake it, shake it, shake it.

>> you shake it.

>> i thought she meant me.

>> you shook enough already.

>> i've never had a complaint. any who. saute just a little bit. let it go. now the oven to this amazing fish.

>> look how good that looks.

>> looks fantastic.

>> be careful with the bones. i love eating fish with bone on.

>> you do?

>> okay.

>> we're going to serve it hole and eat around it. hole, you can use a hole fish filet, if you like. cook it for about five minutes.

>> okay.

>> that's easy.

>> cut into this or what should we do?

>> dig right in, i'll serve the vegetables on the side.

>> look at the vegetables.

>> try some here.

>> thank you very much!

>> thank you. from catch restaurant down in the meat-packing district.