TODAY   |  December 04, 2012

Teen’s errands with mom creates online buzz

In a video that’s buzzing on the Internet, Jeremy Shada raps about things like going to the bank or the salon with his mom. The video was produced by Cartoon Network for his upcoming sketch comedy series “Incredible Crew.” TODAY’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>>> and if only every teenager was this excited to hang with mom. whether they are going to the bank or hitting up the salon for some highlights, this kid got his mom's back. i roll up to the car while i'm rapping to the beat i'm so hard core that i take the front seat i ride shotgun like a nice young man yo, what up, ladies

>> is that a minivan? running, running, running errands with my mom

>> that, if you're wondering, is jeremy schada rapping. that was produced for the cartoon network for the upcoming series "incredible crew." 7:15, matt, savannah and al. think he dates much?

>> not at all.

>> explains a lot. impressed by the production values but now we get it it's for a shoe.

>> a little junior andy sandberg.