TODAY   |  December 04, 2012

What kind of life can new royal heir expect?

NBC’s Ben Fogle and royal expert Camilla Tominey weigh in whether Princess Kate’s hospitalization affected the royal couple’s decision to announce their pregnancy early and what kind of life Will and Kate and their baby can expect.

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>> let's bring in special correspondents, and good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> camilla , let me start with you on the royal richter scale how big a deal is this there?

>> well, matt, as you're viewers will appreciate, it's pretty huge. we've had royal engagement fever. royal wedding fever, and now we've got royal baby fever. people are pretty stoked for the couple.

>> ben , is it fair to assume that the royal couple that william and kate would not have mentioned this had it not been for the need to hospitalize her, might they not have kept this secret for quite a while longer?

>> i mean, i think that's one of the key things here and any parents out there will know the significance of waiting until that 12-week scan. you know, you don't usually want to announce things until then but with social media and with the intense media speculation of the last few weeks anyway, i think they decided they wanted to manage it, but i'd still say it's a sensitive time. there's still a little bit of time to go until that 12-week period, but, you know, as camilla said, the world is already descending on london, and everyone has a huge smile on their faces.

>> and camilla , you even start to speculate as to what type of a life this little baby will lead, whether it's a boy or a girl. obviously a life of great privilege but also a life lived in the spotlight. compare, if you will, what this baby will face, and ben mentioned the era of social media compared to, for example, 1982 when this baby's father was bo born.

>> sure. well, of course, it's a double-edged sword. on the one hand all of the privileges of royal life and on the other a life lived in the public game. that said a lot has changed since 1982 . yes, when prince william was born, of course, there was the photo on the hospital sets and seen forever with diana , both in public and private moments. william will be keen not to repeat that too much. he will not want his own child to live in the public gaze as he did, just as he doesn't want kate living the life diana did. actually, yes, there's a huge amount of interest, of course. social network having changed things and all the rest of it, but i think the world has moved on a bit. i don't think anyone in this day and age is going to want to see a pregnant lady or indeed a little baby hounded back to the diana days, so a change, a balance is going to be needed, and i think to be fair william and kate are trying to strike that and striking quite a good balance at the moment.

>> and looking ahead, ben , quite a ways, almost nine months now, how does the palace handle that very first photo of the newborn baby ? i mean, here in the states there's a bidding war often among magazines. does the palace control that completely? do they donate money to charity, or does that sort of thing simply not happen over there?

>> well, you know, as we saw with the royal wedding , both william and kate like to manage themselves. they are very opinionated. they make their own decisions. they are passionate about charities. i suspect there will be a photo released. generally there will be no exclusives with the royal family . i imagine that one will be released to the whole world because of the intense media speculation, and as can a la says i then imagine it will be back behind closed doors , and i can assure you both william and kate will be fantastic parents, and i think william will be very, very hands on. the real modern father.

>> we should mention ben knows both of these people pretty well. ben thank you and