TODAY   |  December 03, 2012

Hoda: KLG’s dance photo was ‘totally unfortunate’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb share some of their favorite stories from the weekend, like a party where Kathie Lee showed off her dance moves and some of their favorite hair and skin products.

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>>> hey, everybody. it's fun day monday, december 3rd . we were looking at the monitor and thinking why isn't the tree lit up, but it is.

>> we thought we were the only things lit up today.

>> no, stop it.

>> the tree, too.

>> you went to this billboard thing when "billboard" magazine honors these great women.

>> katy perry and carly rae jepsen . it was really a great event, and our own melissa ronner --

>> gets honored every year.

>> there she is with bill and joe levy at this. good for her.

>> yes, yes, yes. then you were all over the place, hoda. you were at dinner, in all the papers. what is going on?

>> eating and drinking. drinking first, then eating. that's the whole group. randy jackson showed up randomly. there he was.

>> we had our own little party on thursday night. every year hoda and i host a party for all the people, the wonderful advertisers that are crazy enough to spend a lot of money advertising on our show every day.

>> and they want to hang out with us, which is weird.

>> started a couple years ago with a handful of people, now there are hundreds.

>> we had to have crowd control.

>> we were at catch.

>> that was such a great spot, by the way, the food was terrific. remember all those little thingies we were eating?

>> it's called an --

>> food.

>> mark miller , by the way, new vice president of ad sales.

>> i think we have a little picture of him.

>> he was there. he was totally buzzed, remember? it was embarrassing. anyway, we had a lot of fun with him.

>> we'll go down the line.

>> there's our posse who was there. a lot of our folks came. we did our favorite things. go back to that picture. please, go back to that picture. that was totally unfortunate.

>> that is your dance face.

>> what am i doing with my leg?

>> something freakish.

>> was that late in the evening ? as we were winding down. why are we the only ones dancing?

>> i apologize, that dress is lovely when i'm not standing like that.

>>> living proof , this is what our hairdresser uses on us.

>> it helps you straighten -- sometimes you feel you need a pound of gel and a hammer to fix your hair, living proof works. it's terrific.

>> new brand ambassador is jennifer aniston . why they didn't choose you, i don't know.

>> that's also one of our favorite things, home run . mary puts it on us in the morning.

>> sort of to prep your skin for the makeup.

>> and it's reasonably priced.

>> it is, it is, it is. what else do we have?

>> the kendra scott earrings. everyone got a pair of those, and aren't they pretty? rainbow of colors.

>> then we got to the --

>> lip gloss , got to do your lip gloss .

>> i like lots of different things from different companies, but the chanel lip glosses are, you know, you just get the most on the wand and it goes on the fastest for me.

>> that's your favorite, mine too. i said it's mine because it's yours. then we have etsy nail polish . mine is soul mate , the burgundy one and kathie lee 's is called mink muff.

>> yeah, got a problem with it?

>> mink muff.

>> then it was our red wine . each bottle supports charities that support heart health, but i didn't realize this, this is fantastic, slim chardonnay, it's 86 calories a glass as opposed to 100 and sometimes 120. very skeptical and it's absolutely wonderful.

>> great.

>> that's going to be ordered in the near future.

>> those feed bags are by lauren bush lauren. they were cute. you can put your wine in one of them. adorable. everything was in there. i think we covered everything.

>> shoptique is very important. and the cupcakes that are right in front of you, hoda. these are unbelievable. they are little teeny bite-sized ones. they are so cute.

>> you can eat ten of them is the problem. they have smore flavored, oreo cookie .

>> that's going right in your face.

>> sara?

>> where do you normally store your gloss?

>> right where the sun don't shine and where nothing is going to move.

>> she pulled that out at the party, i thought she was joking, she was not. the grand prize at our party was a fun one for a girl's night out, although it was awarded to a guy. the one guy there. this was two tickets to "scandalous," a show you may have heard of. two gift certificates to catch, the amazing place you spoke about that we had the event. and then something cool called where you can design your own unique jewelry.

>> wonderful. we're going to give an assortment of these things away to one of our facebook friends, right?

>> i think we are. we're going to be giving -- yes, we are.

>> speaking of "scandalous," hoda and i are going to do one more lunch at gallagher's steakhouse this coming wednesday. i know we're not giving you too much time, but a lot of you are saying when are you going to do that again? just go to buy tickets to the matinee on wednesday and i think it's $30 $29 to $30 for the lunch ahead of time, which is two doors down. we have a ball. my mom's coming up with 30 of her friends from annapolis, maryland.

>> we were afraid our fearless leader , jim bell , had left the building, but jim stayed.

>> he heard there was a martini.

>> do you mind?

>> that's for you.

>> this is jim bell .

>> friday was jim 's last day as head of our show.

>> but he's back!

>> he's going on to do the olympics.

>> yes, ma'am.

>> we're going to miss you.

>> i'm going to miss you guys.

>> going to get to see you more often.

>> i saw frank driving down the beach the other day.

>> really, was he with a hot blond or bambino? there you go. we want to wish you the greatest success in the world. we know you're leaving us in the best of hands. we love you, jim . we adore you.

>> here, here.

>> you're the man responsible for bringing me back to television. if it's anybody's fault, it's jim bell . thank you very much.

>> he also brought drinking to daytime.

>> yes, he did.

>> quite a legacy.

>> take that with you. not the road. don't drink and drive.

>> this is the cake for you.

>> she's under the weather.

>> he's off to russia, mother russia . where they drink a lot of that.

>> vodka martini . thank you, ladies.

>> give it up. everybody at home, that man produced for seven years, four hours of live television . that's herculean.

>> it certainly is. you call him sherpa.

>> he carries us all on his back. love you, buddy.

>>> now, this coming thursday -- actually, wednesday, i think. aren't we? we're doing this wednesday. right now, crystal woodward from indianapolis, indiana, phoned in to tell us about her 6-year-old daughter vivian. i was moved by this letter. she loves " silent night ." had a great love of christian music . little did she know her favorite christmas carol was foreshadowing a life for her daughter. she was diagnosed with autism, then she lost her hearing. when she was 9 months old, it was discovered she was missing the nerve bundle that connects the two halves of the brain. this is a very, very challenged child. she's a single parent of this beautiful child . are you there on the phone with us?

>> yes, i am.

>> we're excited that you're coming.

>> i can't wait. i'm thrilled.

>> how is your beautiful vivian doing right now?

>> she is doing wonderful. i wish she could be on the phone with us.

>> we're looking at her picture right now, she's adorable, crystal.

>> is she going to be coming with you, crystal?

>> yes, she will.

>> we're looking forward to meeting her and you. you're an amazing mother. david and i wrote a song called "every silent night ." you'll be able to hear it. the lady who is in "scandalous" is going to be singing.

>> she's great.

>> she's going to sing it for us. we'll see you then, all right, darling?

>> can't wait.

>> safe travels to you.