TODAY   |  December 03, 2012

Today’s Buzz: Kim Kardashian’s visit to Bahrain triggers protest

Bonnie Fuller  of, and Roseanne Colletti of NBC’s “Gossip Gram,” chat about the hottest entertainment topics of the day, like Kim Kardashian’s controversial visit to Bahrain and Britney Spears 31st birthday.

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>>> it is time for today's buzz where we dish on all the hollywood news.

>> from britney spears to two celebrity weddings. bonnie fuller and rosanne coletti is with nbc's gossip gram.

>> brittney turned 31.

>> she's been around. when you look at her career, what a comeback. we all know she had that dark time several years ago, and now she's on top. $15 million for the x-factor and she's got the number one single with will i. am right now, "scream and shout."

>> a tweet her co-star on the show on x-factor sent her, simon cowell . he said, happy birthday , britney spears , you look great for 40.

>> not nice.

>> he got a really nice one from her dog, hannah. mommy, happy birthday , mommy, got my paws on a card for you. there's the dog right there.

>> must have a lot of time on her hands. i don't know how they find time for that.

>> kim kardashian made it to bahrain. she had huge crowds, then there was a protest, right?

>> there was. she was there to promote her milkshake for millions and apparently she loved bahrain, then there was a big demonstration against her.

>> she always causes a stir. unfortunately, they said unnice things about her there.

>> you look at the video there and there were throngs of crowds and screaming fans and stuff. we always focus on the one deal.

>> is she arguably, now, the most famous woman in the world?

>> arguably the most known. she was the most google searched for 2012 , beat justin bieber.

>> kristen and rob, we can call them the first names now.

>> going solo. she went to the motion picture academy governor's dinner by herself. rob had gone to the luncheon for richard gere 's "arbitrage" by himself.

>> they are not joined at the hip. they can go to different things without setting the world on fire .

>> exactly. very much together. more in love than ever. they are practically living together again. i think it's just important for them to promote their individual careers.

>> of course, it is.

>> brad pitt 's movie did not do well at the box office .

>> it did not do well, critics didn't like it, audience didn't like it.

>> the number one is twilight again.

>> "breaking dawn." it had over $17 million. then "skyfall" just behind it.

>> abraham lincoln , frank said you are riveted. you cannot move. you don't even want to blink.

>> it is amazing. i do know this about daniel day lewis . he was seen in new york wearing his lincoln attire. he took it seriously.

>> thanks, ladies.

>> thank you very much.

>>> back with the newest member