TODAY   |  December 03, 2012

Newest Joy Fit Club member shed 130 pounds!

The newest inductee to the Joy Fit Club is Emilee Pollock from Valencia, Calif., who has battled obesity for years and now has some healthy alternatives to her favorite foods, like cheesecake and chicken fettuccine alfredo.

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>>> we are back with more of "today." it's time for joy fit club where we showcase one person's incredible journey.

>> emily 's lost a whopping 130 pounds and it changed her life. let's take a look at her story.

>> i have always struggled with my weight, even as a child. growing up, my love for sports helped me keep my weight down. it wasn't until after high school i really began battling obesity, along with a host of medical problems. i saw several doctors who simply set me home with depression medication. when i married my sweet husband a few years later, i packed on another 60 pounds, putting me almost 270 pounds. a doctor told me we couldn't have children because of my weight and health. i had finally been diagnosed with auto thyrodiigyrodismthyrodism, using it as an excuse. i didn't have a major event in my life that helped me make a change, i just looked in a mirror and wondered why i had been lying to myself for so long. am i truly happy? is my marriage thriving? what kind of role molgd would i be as a mother? i braved up and fought back. now 130 pounds lighter and an active runner, i have never been so happy. my marriage is thriving and my energy is incredible. i'm proof it's possible to overcome what may seem like the impossible.

>> wow, what a doll. before we ask emily to come out, we're going to talk with the leader of the pack , joy bauer, and she's going to tell us about her eating habits.

>> he's adorable, and i love her new-found passion for health has inspired friends and family as well. we're in the midst of the holidays. i wanted to give her some sort of a holiday health gift, so i said, emily , back in the olden days when you were heavier, what were your absolute favorite fattening fare? cheesecake, a regular portion is 750 calories. so i made for her a healthy version. this is a cheesecake dip. it's a fraction of the calories, and all i did was mixed non-fat cream cheese with non-fat sour cream or greek yogurt . brown sugar , vanilla extract , or cinnamon. next, fettucini alfredo . over 1,400 calories. my version for emily , i took fat-free evaporated skim milk and mixed it with light cheese. it gives you this creamy delicious flavor for half the calories. whole wheat pasta, you get a hearty portion for under 500 calories.

>> let's look at emily .

>> good for you.

>> all right, emily , come join the joy fit club .

>> oh, my gosh!

>> wow! you look so great.

>> the weight loss took some time. how long when you finally decided this is the time, how long did it take?

>> about a year and a half to two years to lose the weight, but probably about a year ago i kicked it into high gear .

>> you're a runner, right? how did you start that?

>> slowly.

>> walking, was it a walking thing first?

>> i couldn't run more than three minutes, but every day i kept pushing and trying.

>> she gets whistles now.

>> what does your husband think of this new you?

>> curtis, you'll get your chance. curtis is back in the kitchen whistling at you.

>> how's your energy level changed and the health issues you were concerned about?

>> amazing. i've got so much energy, it's incredible. i just had a check-up with my doctor recently and everything was just fantastic. everything came back great.

>> your chances to be a mother some day are much increased?

>> yes.

>> any advice for people at home who are at the before stage where you were and advice for them?

>> don't rush it. don't try to push too hard to start with. take baby steps and realize it's going to take time. you're going to plateau and have rough stops.

>> don't quit.

>> congratulations!

>> congratulations.

>> look at her put her hands on her hips like that.

>> awesome.

>>> from delicious american favorites. curtis stone ! first, these messages. you can't argue with nutrition you