TODAY   |  December 03, 2012

Meredith Vieira, husband trade barbs over family dog

The TODAY anchors – joined by Meredith Vieira, her husband Richard Cohen, and her dog Jasper – chat about Cohen’s new book, “I Want to Kill the Dog,” as well as a new viral video, “Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend,” that explores the question: what if your friends behaved like your pets?

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>> now to today's "take 3" where we take on the stories that have us all talking, and helping us out this morning meredith viera and her husband rich cohen and jasper . speaking of, richard has written a new book, close your ears, jasper , call "i want to kill the dog."

>> not really, richard.

>> say it ain't so.

>> not really.

>> sometimes.

>> nobody is killing anybody around here, but what i think people have to understand is the hidden part of the population in america and that's people who can't stand their spouse's pets.

>> or their spouse.

>> jasper is not your pet then.

>> i'll tell you, if you look on amazon and you look at the letters, the reviews of the book, there are thousands of people who can't stand their spouse's animal.

>> you in effect are sleeping with the enemy , a man who stated publicly he want to kill the dog.

>> means it in gest, just in good humor. not going to change the situation at all.

>> jasper is under assault this morning. savannah says he barks too much and too loudly.

>> the loudness of the bark, right?

>> i believe we have a recording of jasper barking.

>> we do.

>> it's your ring tone .

>> that's our line director howie.

>> jasper is mesmerized.

>> jasper is fine.

>> we have no proof that that is jasper , just for the record.

>> i'll tell you one thing.

>> okay. we get it. itunes refused to put it on as a ring tone because they thought the animal was being abused.

>> that's true.

>> is that really true.

>> how does this quiet battle inside your own home manifest itself?

>> a seething dislike for each other.

>> you're talking about jasper .

>> no, jasper loves his daddy very much.

>> oh, don't call me daddy.

>> that's how it starts.

>> meredith knows how to get you. speaking of dogs, our first take, a dog world . maybe you've seen this sri,cality friend versus dog friend by a creative team and the idea is what if your friends were a cat and a dog and behaved as such. let's take a look here. the cat is wearing the green t-shirt, i believe.

>> that's the dog.

>> that's a dog.

>> have you ever seen a dog wearing --

>> wants to play, let's play ball .

>> and you'll see the cat come in here in a sec. let's watch.

>> jimmy.

>> that is so true. i have both, and that right there is perfect.

>> 4 million hits since it went up about two weeks ago.

>> i think they pretty much nailed it.

>> yeah. definitely.

>> do you see yourself as either a cat person or a dog person?

>> yes.

>> the way you behave.

>> i thought you were asking do you like dogs or cats.

>> nice shot of jasper .

>> poor thing. he can't help it. sit down, jasper .

>> i don't know. what about you, meredith ? do you act more like a cat or dog?

>> i wish i were a dog, but i'm more of a cat. i'm pretty independent, i like to lick myself.

>> oh, geez.

>> i meant clean, i'm clean, i'm clean.

>> that leads us into anchor's hidden talents.

>> perfect segue.

>> because she can.

>> oh, no.

>> i think i've proved now beyond a reasonable doubt earlier this morning i am in fact one of america's five greatest parallel parkers.

>> no.

>> i created it.

>> including the love tap he gave to the car behind it.

>> and you're driving a tiny little car.

>> i drove the car.

>> we know jasper 's hidden talent , the bark.

>> the doing car seats in the back. i can do it under any circumstance, that's what makes me great.

>> i think men tend to be better parallel parkers.

>> i'm horrible at it, horrible.

>> are you good at it?

>> i'm good at it.

>> i'm really bad at it.

>> but i drive all the time.

>> you learn to be good at it.

>> there's the love tap which i believe is key.

>> that's a full-on hit.

>> one of the most annoying things.

>> they are not in the car.

>> i've had my -- my bumper dinged by people.

>> you've been love tapped.

>> i was watching a woman yesterday parallel parking in my town and she tapped the back and then the front, and i'm sitting there watching horrified, when is she going to realize, that the car does not fit in that spot.

>> these cars come with back-up cameras.

>> i don't need them, al.

>> want to see your hidden talent because if i'm parallel parker. what have you got?

>> he's a cartoonist.

>> i'll drive my signature.

>> when he has an autograph, doesn't write his name.

>> is this a roker orange?

>> i used to draw cartoons when i did local.

>> what are we looking at here.

>> what do you think?

>> sun and the clouds.

>> mr. parallel parker.

>> i'm taking my parallel parking over that cartoon.

>> you're a really good cartoonist. that's what i really wanted to do.

>> savannah, your hidden talent .

>> i don't really have one.

>> singing.

>> come on.

>> i can't find my hidden talent .

>> tap dance .

>> i taught tap dance to little kids.

>> hidden talent .

>> i have this extraordinarily zen-like quality that allows me to get along with animals.

>> we've noticed.

>> that's why jasper just ran away.

>> meredith , you don't want to tap dance for us.

>> will this take us out to break?

>> sure, you're always drunk.

>> been drinking all day.

>> watch momma tap dance .

>> i'm going to shuffle off to buffalo.