TODAY   |  December 03, 2012

Drinks, décor to spice up your tree-trimming party

With a little help from Meredith Vieira, Elaine Griffin of Better Homes and Gardens magazine shares her favorite recipes for cocktails and cookies, as well as festive décor ideas to help you throw a merry and bright Christmas tree decorating party.

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>>> we're back now, and this morning on "today" celebrates the holidays throwing a tree-trimming party with elaine griffin of " better homes and gardens " and what's a party without friends, old friends.

>> very old.

>> we asked meredith viera to give us a hand as well. elaine and meredith.

>> hi, matt.

>> pleasure. happy holidays . let's get right to it because you've done something nice. you've brought your own ornaments. every year we hang up the ornaments. our kids are now old, 23, 20 and 19 and these are ornaments, ben, lily and gabe when they were very little and hang them up every year and every year we give our child an ornament so when they start their christmas tree they will already have a collection.

>> you've got this idea. doesn't have to be a traditional tree.

>> this is super hot right now. multiple trees in your house and trees in different room and a table top tree. a tree we found online at, can make it yourself, and it's really easy, and you can use it for your jewelry after christmas is over.

>> and some of the ornaments here, meredith and i have been looking through these, are non-traditional as well.

>> let's make it's. if you're not a crafty person, gift tags are so fantastic and gorgeous, from anthropology, perfect ornaments.

>> are you serious.

>> gift tags.

>> multitasking, coasters, from the sesame letter press and even little tags from snow.

>> how much i love you when you go are you serious, really, gift tags?

>> on to the crafties. fun to do with kids, because of poinsett poinsettia, cut little paper hearts out and glue them together and add little pom-poms.

>> what do you do with these, hang them in the tree?

>> ornaments.

>> so now crafty moment, these are our glitter balls. there's one for you and one for you.

>> okay.

>> these are easy to. do they start with, you know, traditional glass balls. use a paper punch.

>> i'm not even going to go there.

>> i'm not going to go there.

>> you have to have worked with her for a while.

>> roll it in the glitter. we're sending you to heada and kathie lee

>> at he'sive decals.

>> double stick paper that you get at the craft store. and then the brush to brush it off with.

>> oh, those lovely.

>> there you go.

>> very pretty.

>> fabulous.

>> easy to do.

>> let's talk about the centerpiece here.

>> this is great, traditional, seasonal amaryllis and what we've done is rest l.e.d. indoors outoutdoors from restoration hardware so it glows.

>> makes it very nice.

>> and people who arrive at your home, a cookie buff put it.

>> it's a cookie swap.

>> you're bringing cookies and eating cookies. these are snowflake cutouts made from napkins and then we have gingerbread sticks.

>> thank you.

>> delish.

>> have people bring cookies.

>> you bring favorite cookies and you're going to swap some and take some home and you're fave, these are the rosemary evergreen trees , fantastic.

>> and then you have all the cookies left over.

>> hello.

>> go to both offices right here.

>> these are delicious. you have to taste. they are delicious but not sturdy.

>> actually i've got this one.

>> it's the rosemary evergreen tree .

>> that is good.

>> with gold dust .

>> and let's propose a toast.

>> yes.

>> our pomegranate spritzer.

>> thank you.

>> you take champagne, soak pomegranate seeds overnight in the liqueur of your choice.

>> what's in there?

>> grand mannier.