TODAY   |  December 03, 2012

Chiefs game goes on after murder-suicide

The Kansas City Chiefs managed a win against the Carolina Panthers, their first in nearly two months, following the suicide of lineman Jovan Belcher, who fatally shot his girlfriend before killing himself.  NBC’s Erica Hill reports.

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>> from the members of the kansas city chiefs about the unthinkable tragedy surrounding their team. they played a game on sunday just a day after one of their teammates killed his girlfriend and drove to the team stadium and turned the gun on himself. nbc's erica hill has more on this story. good morning.

>> matt, good morning. the past few days have been filled with shock, sadness and still so many questions. on sunday afternoon the kansas city chiefs did take to the field at arrowhead stadium playing with heavy hearts and the memory of two lives cut tragically short. before play began, a moment of silence to remember victims of domestic violence.

>> game over .

>> reporter: the chiefs did manage a win against carolina, their first in nearly two months, it was bitter suite and in the words of their quarterback eerie.

>> don't feel like you can win in the situation.

>> as far as playing the game, i thought that that was the best thing for us to do.

>> reporter: chiefs head coach romeo crenell weighing in on the decision to take the field just one day after 25-year-old linebacker jovan belcher took his life in front of crenell. he fatally shot his girlfriend, 22 yesterday kasandra perkins, on saturday morning following an argument at this suburban kansas city home where the couple's 3-month-old daughter zoe was in another room.

>> when we arrived, a lady came out and said that her doubt her been shot by her boyfriend several times inside the residence. we went inside the residence and she was taken to a local hospital where she died minutes late sneer ten minutes after the shooting belcher was at the stadium where he spoke with coach crenell and manager scott pioli and then he turned and pulled the trigger.

>> you have to rely on your friends, your family and faith, and that's what the team tried to do today, and we were able to -- to do that and try to work our way through the tragedy.

>> reporter: their strength on and off the field, a source of inspiration.

>> i don't know how i would do it, but i definitely give them praise for it. obviously there were some deeper issues that none of us knew about.

>> reporter: as police continue their investigation, it's the questions that no one can answer that are the most difficult.

>> you know, when ask someone how they are doing, do you really even it? when you answer someone back are you telling the truth? not one player on our team who ever could see that coming.

>> kasandra perkins' family has not released a statement. the daughter he and belcher share is with her mother. eric winston said on sunday that zoe will find some happiness as she grows up.

>> a really difficult story. thanks