TODAY   |  December 02, 2012

Daughter asks ‘Man Caves’ guys to help out her dad

12-year-old Sydney DiPalo wrote into TODAY’s man cave competition, saying, “My dad needs a man cave because he sits at my cheer competitions all day and I only go on for two minutes and thirty seconds.” Check out the den the guys from DIY show “Man Caves” created in the family’s basement. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> for dads, a refuge for guys, a small place to call his own. so we asked viewers to tell us why their dad deserves one.

>> here is the deal. i actually got one for my dad, you recall this earlier this year, and with a little help from our fun friends at the diy show man caves we were able to 0 make it happen for one very special father. this past summer, i thanked my dad for his years of love, patience, and parenting with the ultimate father's day gift, a man cave.

>> she is unbelievable.

>> so we decided to pay the good fatherly fortune forward offering one lucky viewer a chance to present his or her dad with the same gift.

>> i am a 12-year-old girl who has the best father in the world. my dad needs a man cave because he sits at my cheering competitions all day and i only go on for 2:30.

>> you wrote an incredible letter to the "today" show. i'm curious what made you decide to get up, go to the computer and write this e-mail?

>> my dad has always wanted to get a man cave. his garage wasn't working out for him.

>> it was quite clear why sydney nominated her dad. would you mind reading it out loud for me? i have it right there for you.

>> sure. he's been trying to finish our basement but works hard all week and spends the weekend with our family. there is just not enough time to get it all done. he needs a good place to get away without actually getting away. i'm crushed.

>> she really, really thinks the world of you.

>> i think the world of her.

>> man up. you have a man cave coming in.

>> yes!

>> what's that?

>> and who better to put one together than the guys from the diy show "man caves." host jason cameron --

>> it's coming along but we have a lot to do.

>> and tony siragusa are look ing for ideas. can you give them an idea what your dad likes or they're just going to guess?

>> he likes riding motorcycles. he likes playing his bass guitar .

>> you have no idea what they have planned for you. what do you think they have planned for you?

>> oh, god knows .

>> well, i certainly got clued in pretty fast.

>> take the door off. if you take the door off --

>> just like old times. oh, my gosh. jason put me right to work. press down, pull the trigger. perfect.

>> so after perfecting the homemade cigar box and schlepping this box over my head -- can you imagine going over to a guy's house and they serve you something on this thing? dean's slice of heaven was coming together.

>> i want it to be the best cave we've done ever. this girl is on the ball. the fact we're actually here now is because of her. sydney and dean, do you want to see this thing or what?

>> yes.

>> does it look a little different?

>> come right over here.

>> oh, my god!

>> dean's man cave comes fully equipped with a karaoke corner, guitar display wall , lounge area, and a one of a kind custom made bar.

>> you have the coolest bar top we have ever made on any man cave ever. okay?

>> you look like you are overwhelmed.

>> it is definitely overwhelming. this is amazing. this is really amazing. it's over the top .

>> jenna is going to bartend. let's go.

>> drinks on man cave. what makes these things so great, they're so deserving of it. when you know that the father has done so much for the family and just wants a little sanctuary when this all comes together. it's a beautiful feeling .

>> a fun thing.

>> his daughter appreciates everything he does for her.

>> really, really great.

>> especially at such a young age that she gets it.

>> a good family. a really good family.

>> the man cave airs friday at 10:00 p.m . on the