TODAY   |  December 01, 2012

New baby elephant born at Oregon zoo

The latest addition to the elephant family at an Oregon zoo was born Friday. The baby calf is a healthy 300 pounds and is already walking. It will be awhile before she’s ready for visitors, but the list of possible names has already begun. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> the oregon zoo is already up and walking on her own. check this out. a 300-pound female elephant was born friday morning. that's the baby, by the way. it will be a while before she's ready for visitors. for now, the zoo will monitor the mother and baby very closely and start compiling a list of possible names for the newborn elephant . among the names, among the contenders, baby elephant , little elephant , elephant junior, small elephant , elephant who slightly resembles her mother and elephant who slightly resembled her father that.