TODAY   |  November 30, 2012

Top viral videos: ‘Gangnam’ house, elevator prank

The TODAY anchors take a look back at the top viral videos that aired on TODAY this week, including “Gangnam Style” interpreted in Christmas lights, and an elevator prank that walks the fine line between funny and mean.

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>> videos from our website, might make you cringe on clap a little bit or laugh out loud and maybe you'll remember our defending champ, drum roll , please, the dragon baby. hard as nails infant.

>> there you go.

>> engaged in a martial arts battle with a cuddly plush dragon. i love this.

>> love this.

>> made by the indy filmmaker patrick bravon, puts all the other parents to shame. this morning we're putting that video up against three new viral videos pretty hot this week. first up, a christmas lights spectacular set to psy's "gangnam style."

>> saw some of these around the halloween holiday as well.

>> everybody's taking it and running with it.

>> you know the neighbors just have to love this.

>> john storm decorated his austin, texas house , more than 25,000 lights. neighbors haven't complained though.

>> because he can't hear the phone ringing.

>> probably.

>> either that or they are out there dancing to it.

>> you know what they do with these apparently, you if you want to hear to the music can you turn to a radio station in your car. not really playing.

>> okay.

>> next up this, dog is a big baby , or at least wishes he was.

>> i love that. that's so cute.

>> well, the dog is just mocking the baby right there.

>> stop your whining, a little banter back and forth.

>> we've got the dog mocking the baby, and lastly --

>> this is my favorite.

>> this is a good one.

>> this is a frightening elevator prank.

>> just mean.

>> staged by a brazilian tv show , hidden cameras , catch passengers reaction to the elevator stop, the lights go out out.

>> oh, man.

>> aghhhh!

>> that's horrible.

>> and the lights go out and she goes back and disappears behind the secret panel.

>> how is the floor done?

>> opens.

>> that is creepy.

>> get me out of here, get me out of here.

>> that is just horrible.

>> i think we should try that one.

>> oh, no.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i hope nobody had a heart condition on the elevator because that would definitely --

>> what she screams and then the light goes out.

>> that's my favorite, as mean as it is. what's your vote for today's top click. go to, and vote for the favorite and we'll reveal the winner next week and put it up against three new videos. here are the four. number one still in the running. tough to beat the champ.

>> i don't know.

>> i don't know, number four.

>> don't sleep on number three.

>> no.

>> a lot of dog and baby lovers out there. anyway,