TODAY   |  November 30, 2012

Battle of the sexes, airport edition

The TODAY anchors chat about recent surveys conducted by airlines and travel professionals that show men and women have such different flying habits, they might be better off with his and hers flights.

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>> reporter: kind of a bat of the sexes going on in the air these days.

>> the " wall street journal " points out in its airline travel blog there are five or six core differences. we'll put some of them up. women shrink and curl up in their seat to avoid contact with strangers.

>> true.

>> men spread out and take up the leg room and the arm rest, and women get cold and want blankets while men like it cold.

>> we do.

>> i like the overhead space. i want to get on early, put that overhead space because i don't want to check.

>> that's a big difference.

>> checking or carrying on.

>> any strategies?

>> i exploit my children, use the small child. they are under three feet, the little one is.

>> her children are 20 years old. very odd.

>> i think there's something to trying to get in there before and then you have to stand in the back of the line and wait for everybody to put their luggage up.