TODAY   |  November 29, 2012

Bridal trend: Gorgeous gowns with show-stopping backs

With a lot of proposals happening between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, newly engaged women will be thinking about the big dress. Keija Minor of Brides magazine shows off four wedding gowns featuring the latest bridal fashion trend: show-stopping backs.

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>>> this morning on today's style, the latest trend in bridal fashion, show-stopping gowns from the back. here with four beautiful looks that make a statement is the editor in chief of "brides" magazine. this is the new trend all about the back. it makes sense because we do see a lot of the brides from the back.

>> it makes absolute sense because if you think about it, key moments of the wedding, the bride spends facing away from her guests, walking down the aisle, saying her vows, during her first dance and cutting the cake. so our advice to ladies shopping for their wedding dress , don't just think about the front, you have to think about the rear view.

>> duly noted. let's take a look at lauren who looks absolutely gorgeous. the dress is stunning from the front, but look at this back. now, that is a statement.

>> this dress is all about the beaded back, and this is so popular right now. we're actually seeing, this is a trend within the trend. and it's all about the beading. and here even the draping --

>> yes, the draping is gorgeous and mimics the draping in the front. and you can see here even the beading has draping in it. what's great about this dress, it's formal enough to get a pop of sparkle, but you could wear this at a beach wedding.

>> which designer?

>> rabini.

>> beautiful. and i love the bows in her hair that match the beading on the dress, as well. do we get to see the front one more time? gorgeous. and look at that sexy slit, hello, very pretty. let's move on over to amanda, and she's wearing a gown with a statement bow. but first, notice the beauty of the front of the dress, simple but gorgeous.

>> yes, this is a classic one for david's bridal.

>> now turn around for us, samantha. beautiful. this is that big bow we were talking about.

>> yes, it has that old hollywood glamour feel, if you think about marilyn monroe and that pink column gown with the oversized bow. this is a refreshing take on that. you get this elaborate fan detail and what's great about this dress, retails at less than $1,000. amazing value.

>> gorgeous.

>> and look at that beautiful train, as well. which is perfect in the picture.

>> it really is.

>> and it's detachable.

>> it is? that makes it easier. when you're sitting down, sometimes the bow can get in the way.

>> well, the bow -- actually the material is really soft, so the bow won't be a problem, but if you want to take off the train when it's time to dance, you can.

>> there you go. can any bride wear a dress like this with a big statement bow in the back? if you have a little booty in the back, should you be worried?

>> i don't think you should be. i think the beauty of this dress is that the detail is placed strategically in a place that's not going to add bulk. and because of the column shape, it's flattering, very slimming on the hips.

>> thank you so much, amanda. okay. let's move on over to rachel. i'm going to walk around this way. and this dress, stunning from the front, in fact, i understand this is inspired by breakfast at tiffany's, is that right?

>> looks like it.

>> it's very classic, clean silhouette with this detachable sash. it's great. and when she turns.

>> turns around here.

>> the gorgeous cutouts and you see the button detail.

>> right?

>> yeah.

>> it's really graphic. and the cutouts are popular right now because a lot of brides want something that's classic, but feel fresh and modern.

>> adds a little edge. and notice the train here, as well. that's really pretty too.

>> yes, another flirty detail.

>> right.

>> i love that dress. thank you very much. okay. and then lastly, we have danny wearing our fourth look here. and this dress is called an illusion dress, absolutely stunning.

>> gorgeous. this dress is by panovia and all about high glamour with the beading from head to toe . and when she turns around, this is where you get the illusion.

>> yes.

>> the tattoo sort of effect.

>> i call this a tattoo her mother will love. because all about this delicate, beaded applique.

>> very sexy, right?

>> it is very sexy. i could see a jennifer lopez or kim kardashian wearing a dress like this.

>> it is absolutely gorgeous. our brides here beautiful, thank you so much. great job, gorgeous dresses. thanks.