TODAY   |  November 29, 2012

Spice up holiday parties with empanadas

The dough-filled delights are the perfect finger food to serve at a holiday get-together. Chef Rui Correia demonstrates how to make a savory version filled with chicken.

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>>> this morning in "today's" kitchen, empanadas step by step . these dough-filled delights are perfect for your next holiday party. we have the chef and owner of doro restaurant in greenwich city. good to see you again. these are really a great dish because you can put anything in them.

>> that's the thing. they're very versatile.

>> and from really savory to sweet.

>> absolutely. that's what we're going to show here today. we're going to give a quick demonstration on the dough.

>> all right.

>> we'll start with all-purpose flour. bring to a slight boil a little bit of water, little bit of butter and seasoning, a little bit of sea salt . so we're going to bring this over here. and you want to drop it in slowly. and let the dough hook actually create a little ball of dough. right?

>> and it's important for it to still be hot when you're doing it?

>> yes, because it brings together and creates a ball of dough. once you get this going here, it's going to turn into a ball of dough.

>> can you mix the dough ahead of time?

>> absolutely. you can have this up to a few days in advance.

>> okay.

>> and the important thing is to keep it covered and not let a dry skin to create on it. and let the dough rest before you use it. going out to the fillings, for starters, a little bit of ground chuck . you can add a little bit of tomato paste , tomato product, parsley, garlic, and we're going to stir that up. and let it all incorporate. once you have that going, very important when you make the empanadas is not to use the dough -- the filling inside the dough while it's hot. because when you fry them, they'll explode.

>> that's bad.

>> yeah. you don't want that.

>> unless you're looking for a party.

>> there you go.

>> boom.

>> now we're going to go on to three types of filling we can use. once we have the dough, this is the tomato --

>> roll that out flat.

>> roll it out nice and flat and you cut out a nice ring size so you can do the filling inside. we have the meat that we just prepared.

>> sure.

>> we have a chicken filled empanada, and this for a sweeter version, we have a sweet potato , which is my wife's favorite. little cream cheese and maple syrup . once you have the filling down like this, you're going to take a little bit of egg wash right back here to seal.

>> your glue?

>> yeah, this is the binding agent. so we do like this and fold it over. that's it right there. tuck it down nice and tight so it doesn't open on you. and with a fork, basically going to cramp it and make a bill it of a design. and now at this point, you can either cut them a little bit smaller or just leave it as is. let's go to the back --

>> that's the portuguese version of a wonton.

>> once we have them sealed off and ready, we're going to take a little bit of egg wash, put them into a little bit of bread crumbs, i'm using panko because it gives more texture.

>> what did we do before panko?

>> i don't know, but they're everywhere now. it's more important than the wheel. now we're going to dust this off like this and you end up with great empanadas, drop them into about 350, 360-degree oil.

>> i notice a candy thermometer there.

>> very important to know your temperature, because you want nice color without burning. 360 tends to cook through --

>> how long?

>> well, it really depends, maybe two minutes until you get nice golden brown .

>> right.

>> you end up with these beautiful empanadas like this. the three types we have here, these two are savory. chicken, meat --

>> food.

>> and the sweet empanadas.

>> just in time.

>> oh, no, i was looking for make-up and hair.

>> wow.

>> okay.

>> what kind is this one right here?

>> this is a chicken empanada.

>> spicy mayonnaise. this is ground beef and empanada.

>> these are perfect for a holiday party. thank you so much.

>> my pleasure. happy holidays .

>> happy holidays .

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