TODAY   |  November 29, 2012

Hot in Hollywood: An American ‘Downton Abbey’

NBC has signed “Downton Abbey” creator and Oscar winner Julian Fellowes to create an American version called “The Gilded Age.” E!’s Jason Kennedy reports on this and the morning’s other hot entertainment stories.

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>>> back now with a look at the top songs, hollywood buzz and videos, our top of the morning round-up and jason kennedy from e! news is here to take us through it.

>> good morning to you, natalie.

>> topping the charts on itunes, and i love this song, "home" by phillip philips, it's still top of the charts.

>> six months. this is crazy. got a lot of play during the olympics. the best-selling coronation song on " american idol ." couldn't happen to a nicer guy. the fact that we're talking about all these months later is still very impressive.

>> it's a great message, great song. and he is such a nice guy . he was here this week. i think just yesterday, as a matter of fact. so good to see him on the top still. number two on itunes, locked out of heaven by bruno mars, another guy not slowing down.

>> something like 25 million views on youtube. whatever this guy touches turns to gold or in his case platinum, i guess you would say. it's his first single of his upcoming album drops on december 11. and he's got a cult following, young guy, 27 years old, just the beginning for him.

>> so talented. a song and a group i haven't really heard of but they're number three, the lumineers.

>> i've played this for a lot of friends, they're a folk trio, and this has been out a few months, people are catching on. it's catchy, it's different, try it out.

>> all right.

>> i'm listening to it now.

>> "ho hey."

>> okay. sounds perfect. top hollywood stories, and i'm loving this because i'm a huge fan. nbc is now talking about doing an americanized version, right?

>> yeah, called "the guilded age ," a working title, from the producer and writer, it's an american version, takes place in 19th century new york city . it could be on the air as early as fall 2013 . but these period dramas, these period pieces as you know --

>> takes a long time to shoot.

>> absolutely. and if they're done properly, they can be a huge hit. i think this has the makings of a hit.

>> we do love it, though. let's talk about top movies now and "breaking dawn" still at the top of the box office . but this weekend, there's a new challenger in brad pitt .

>> mr. brad pitt coming to a theater near you "killing them softly," nothing like his last movie "moneyball," something where he plays basically a mob enforcer , killing a lot of people. it's a crime drama , a great cast in it, as well. so definitely check this out. early reviews are in, people are loving it.

>> really?

>> loving it, loving it.

>> he has been impressive acting and everything. great. okay. next, viral videos and you've got to love the office prank. and this is the black friday employee prank.

>> we know.

>> this is number one on youtube, right?

>> let's be honest, how crazy are black fridays? especially people are just mobbing the stores. these guys dress up like store employees --

>> at target.

>> and prank the customers. this poor lady, why is this man putting all my things in this cart? and then all of a sudden he goes in there and asks the lady if she can push him around. unsuspected customers, they have no idea what's going on.

>> i guess if you have a red shirt and khakis you too can apply for that job.

>> 8 million views on that.

>> that's amazing. and lastly, we showed this a little bit earlier in the morning gangnam style, this is a house, once again, that has gone "gangnam style" for the holidays in austin, texas, as you see choreographed with the lights and everything.

>> 25,000 lights. can you imagine being the neighbor? they're doing it again.

>> and looks like they do have neighbors close by.

>> it's got 1 million views, doesn't have 840 million views like the music video . i was hoping for a cameo but it didn't happen. that's kind of crazy. i feel bad for the neighbors.

>> and that electric bill is not going to be great either. thanks so much, jason kennedy , as always, great job.