TODAY   |  November 29, 2012

Sophia, Aiden top 20 most popular baby names

Linda Murray of reveals this year’s edition of the site’s annual list of top baby names, including Aiden, which has topped the boys’ list for eight years. She also shares a few of the more unusual names to hit the charts this year.

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>>> back now at 8:17 with the top baby names of 2012 . baby center is out with the analynual list this morning. linda, good morning.

>> hi, savannah.

>> you're our baby name expert.

>> i am.

>> drum roll , please. let's do the top girl names of 2012 . the top ten. oh, we even got the drum roll . that wasn't even planned.

>> the number one girls' name of the year is sophia. it's not that exciting. new to the top ten is mia, a little bit of a surprise for us.

>> cute name. and we've seen a lot of these. isabella's been in the top ten for a long time now.

>> it has. and one of the thing is, moms really like feminine names and we see a lot of crossovers.

>> they're all winners. now let's look at -- by the way, i should ask you, savannah, on the way up or way down?

>> on the way down, a little bit.

>> but in the top 100 ?

>> yes, it is.

>> correct.

>> anyway, moving on. boys' names, and aiden has been a top name.

>> it has. number one is you can spell it in 45 different ways literally. and moms love it, especially single moms. new this year for the boys is jack. jack is new to the top ten.

>> i'm surprised about that because i feel like i'm always meeting little jacks. good to know. now let's get to the fun stuff. popularity of the names that are referencing pop culture . i couldn't believe when i read this fifty shades of gray ?

>> earlier this year we heard moms telling us this book is an aphrodisiac and helping them get pregnant. grey is up, anastasia is up and ana. the one that is not up is christian.

>> i'm not surprised. if you've read the book. i don't know if you want to name your son that.

>> and i'm wondering how the moms are going to explain the inspiration for these names in a few years.

>> the royals, two names up harry and pippa.

>> people love harry and pippa, less in the spotlight than will and kate, and we have harry styles from one direction.

>> we did see some one direction popular names . let's keep with our list, will and kate?

>> they're on the decline. i think they're just a little overexposed now, and these names are so associated with these two people. but, you know, all eyes are going to be on them if there is a pregnancy and it'll be very interesting to see what they name the baby.

>> let's get into what i consider a little bit kooky. names referencing technology. apple we've seen, i get it. mac and siri.

>> we hadn't seen apple rise when gweneth paltrow named her daughter. a big surprise, someone named a baby hash tag, which --

>> you know, i think that's a little much for a girl. and 20 years from now, who's going to know what a hash tag is?

>> well, i guess hash for short. another trend, space exploration . we've got a whole list of names there.

>> we do. it was a big year for space, we had the mars rover , mars is on the rise, red is on the rise, red planet , sky, star, luna, even sally, sally ride died this year, neal armstrong .

>> uma thurman named her daughter rosalind --

>> they just call her luna for short. political names, the name reagan.

>> yes.

>> shot up.

>> reagan shot up, he had a big year. it's also a good name for a girls' name. carter's up, lincoln. you've got to go back in history a little bit to see presidential names on the rise.

>> we did see nixon on the list and on the rise.

>> there's another reason for nixon, there's a skateboarding culture there's a brand there and the young people like that.

>> but the current presidential candidate 's names?

>> mitt, barack, all down. paul and joe too.

>> it's always kind of fascinating. thank you so much. appreciate it.

>> thank you.