TODAY   |  November 29, 2012

Kimmel pokes fun at $7 Starbucks coffee

Jimmy Kimmel mocks the new $7-a-cup premium coffee at Starbucks with a blind taste test where he provides two identical cups of regular coffee and records tasters' “impressed” reactions.

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>>> going viral with this blind taste test , mocking starbucks' new $7 a cup premium coffee.

>> which is the super premium and why?

>> i want to say it's this one because it has more of a richer taste. it tastes stronger, more premium, i guess.

>> okay. i should mention that we didn't even bother to get the $7 coffee. we got a pot of regular coffee and poured the exact same coffee in both cups.

>> if you don't want to spend the $7 for a cup, you can buy an 8-ounce bag of beans for $40. still kind of pricey.