TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Champagne wishes, caviar dreams - for your table

Ilya Panchernikov, managing director at Caviar Russe in New York, shows how the luxurious pairing of champagne and caviar can be the perfect addition to your holiday entertaining with three types of caviar and delicious serving options.

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>>> it is time to get this party started with some champagne and caviar pairings for all that holiday enter taken.

>> document have to win the powerball tonight to indulge in these delicacies, here with serving suggestions is he will ya, managing director at caviar ruse in new york city .

>> hi, how are you?

>> a little pricey for some people. we have different price points as we go along?

>> absolutely. three different caviares, three different price points and champagne to pair with it to clear your palate.

>> exactly. we need to do that.

>> what are we starting with?

>> american sturgeon. you are going to start -- this is for you.

>> oh.

>> this is for you.

>> my gosh, we get three each?

>> take this one spoon here.

>> okay.

>> okay.

>> so what do we do?

>> in the --

>> really nice quality, a little bit more salt content.

>> very salty.

>> a little sip of that crisp, fresh champagne, you will clear everything through.

>> that is sensational. what's next?

>> the next is the siberian sturgeon caviar.

>> yours is over there.

>> i get that now.

>> very velvety, delicate, works very, very well this rose say?

>> yeah. mild, refined. not as salty.

>> champagne good?

>> love that. that is delicious.

>> my gosh.

>> rose say works well this. a medium body.

>> this is pricier?

>> a little bit more pricier, yes.

>> it's delicious.

>> finish off you the star of the show exphenomenal, large grain size in egg and it's really --

>> i don't like for you to say egg. like to call it caviar. not think about what it is. a champagne for a celebration, dom perrin yin.

>> i love that one.ignon.

>> i love that one.

>> now what are we doing?

>> entertaining at home, caviar ser server, crushed ice , let the guests help themselves, starch, toast points, crepe bellinis, creme fraiche , should you choose.

>> capers and lemon.

>> look ought showing off with the way you like it.

>> i do like it like that.

>> great, by itself it is perfect.

>> this is our -- do an hors d'oeuvres plate for guests at home, caviar, creme fraiche and you have --

>> that one.

>> then you have your being beggar's purses.

>> what is the middle one?

>> berg's purses, crepe bellini, caviar inside and a chive thai.

>> do it all in one bite?

>> yeah.

>> do it.

>> fop right in. perfect.

>> my god.

>> i love my work. [ laughter ]

>> life could be worse.

>> this one, chris mann going to sing for us, too. good day, hoda.

>> what is this?

>> simply another serving suggestion, a little smoked salmon . classic caviar.

>> so good.

>> okay.

>> i don't want to count the calories we just consumed.

>> actually --

>> how much is in these?

>> caviar is very, very nutritious, per gram, one of the most nutritious foods out there enjoy and celebrate.

>> i like you, your attitude.

>> one calorie per bite, per gram. this is just simply unadorned for the caviar aficionado, intimate with your guests, a spoon of caviar, serve it just like this.

>> do you eat it every day?

>> you know, i taste it every day. but, you know, it's part of my job.

>> you have to.

>> someone has to taste the caviar before it goes out.

>> the way we think. part of our job, what we do. what else have you done? get that last one. so delicious. excuse me.

>> pardon me.

>> caviar ruse, we play with food and the caviar all day long this is really simple, no frills, new year's day bagel, caviar, cream cheese .

>> what's going on with this fruit salad ?

>> a really beautiful dish, a tuna with classic served on top, cucumber, yogurt.

>> look what's happening.

>> telling us we are out of time. we are going to finish and --

>> try that.

>> okay.

>> what is that, real quick?

>> really quick, ice cream and caviar, nobody would have ever thought. works perfectly. sweet and salty, caramelized brioche. more calories