TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Steals and Deals! Get discounted crystal, handbags

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares her latest Steals and Deals, including Waterford crystal glasses, handbags, and personalized photo canvases.

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>>> now to " jill 's steals and deals, "big bargains exclusively for you, our "today" viewers, from waterford crystal glasses to leather totes, jill martin is here to offer some great holiday gift ideas. jill , good morning.

>> good morning. first let's start off here. this is a blockbuster for us, probably the first time we've had it on "steals and deals, requests requests products by the body shop , not just any products, a ten-piece package from the body shop .

>> feel like jenna needs this after the run so we'll give her one of these packages after, the retail for the ten pieces, 124, intensive hand butter, body butter, hand and nail cream, almond conditioning hand rom, lip roll on in coconut and bat lily and nut shower cream.

>> are you going to smell very good if you do all of that at once.

>> retails for 124 and the price is $39, 65% off.

>> that's great. waterford crystal glasses, also a first for us. these are going to go really quickly. tell us about these.

>> after you pamper yourself, they retail $100. marquee by waterford, each come in a set of four, double old-fashioned glasses, highball glasses, champagne flutes and all-purpose white wine glasses and they are all dishwasher safe which is important because who handwashes?

>> yeah.

>> the retail 100 and the deal 27.50, that's 74% off.

>> you get four glasses.

>> four glasses.

>> and a great gift.

>> okay. fantastic. over here to the dvd sets from baby genius, great for little to the in your life right now.

>> these are always a great learning tool.

>> my kids watched these growing up.

>> and a great gift to send. retail 129.80, get ten dvds and ten bonus cds, national award -winning brand that encourages children to learn and discover. the retail 129.80 and the deal 29.95 for the full set, 77% off.

>> fantastic. okay. over here to the great handbags from ona ulrich, black, red, gray, green and brown.

>> aren't they stuning?

>> amazing. the retail is $650. it's the perfect classic bag. finest leather and gold hardware and cotton lining with a zipper pocket. it comes in six colors. celeb fans include cameron diaz and mila kunis . retails for 650 and the price $98.

>> going to last you for a long time. and last but not least, such an incredible gift idea and we've done this before, a voucher for personalized photo canvas from

>> pics of you.

>> i wanted to see if you took old photos and they weren't in such great condition.

>> you look so much like your mom.

>> thank you. the retail is 63.83 to 129.80 and turn your digital photos in works of art . purchase a voucher and send it in. can print out the voucher, and the e-mail will be send to you. i want everyone to know within 48 hours so it's not going to come immediately once you buy it. the retail 60.83 to 129.08. the deal 14.95 to 29.95. that's up to 76% off, so there's three different sizes for to you choose from.

>> how long did it take to get it converted to the photo, to the canvas?

>> two weeks once you order it. so if you want it.

>> give it a little lead time . perfect time to order it. that's fantastic. by the way, the pictures were kind of wrinkled and they were able to bring them back to life?

>> scanned them and sent it. so nice to have it. my whole family is not watching because happy holidays.

>> there you go. jill martin, the best gift right here. thank you so much. the products are the ten-piece package from the body shop , the waterford crystal glasses, the dvds from baby genius, handbags and the gift certificate for personalized photo canvas from if