TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Become a conversation starter with theSkimm

The founders of a new daily online newsletter, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, read and filter the news for you so you can just Skimm. They chat about some of the features of their newsletter and explain how to be a conversation starter at work, at the gym, on a date, and more.

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>>> of person who likes to be the conversation starter, then you may want to check out the daily online newsletter the skim. that's skimm with two ms." the founders of the skimm join us this morning.

>> thanks for having us.

>> welcome home. you guys worked at nbc and completely abandoned us over the summer to go start the skimm and it's doing great. everybody reads this thing. get it in the in box at 6:00 this morning. explain what it is in a nutshell.

>> yeah. we found that whether you're running around with the kids all morning or you're going from meeting to meeting, some people don't have time to look at the nooup newspap -- newspaper and read it cover to cover and they still need news and need it fast so we created the skimm, a quick read in the morning, got you covered from politics, sports, everything, your secret weapon .

>> it's just you running it.

>> we are roommates. don't hate each other. met in college, studied abroad and came back with a business partner so it worked out pretty well for us.

>> let's give you a taste. one of the sections you have every day is repeat after me dot, dot, dot. the first one is what to say when you're late for work. what would we say today?

>> i know i said i'd be on time because there was an appointment but there was a traffic jam and the elevator was slow even though i didn't mean to mislead you i was going off the intel that i had at that time.

>> sounds more like susan rice 's day than your day.

>> susan rice , ambassador to the u.n., she's in a little bit of a conundrum because after the attacks in libya in september she said she didn't really know what happened but then she said it was actually a terrorist attack . the republicans in washington are really not happy with how this played out. they are worried she is going to replace hillary and they are really giving her a hard time about what she said. want the story straight. next time, susan, say no comment.

>> good luck with that excuse. how about this one. what to say at breakfast today?

>> so, guys, did you eat grapefruit in the green room ?

>> to grapefruit for me, thank goodness.

>> don't lie to me because you could die. i'm not joking. eating grapefruit when you're on certain medications can actually lead to sudden death .

>> it's really citrus, sudden death . canadian scientists have said there are 26 new medications that when they interact with grapefruit can cause serious harm, 13 of which can be fatal or sudden death , so really, you know, let's choose our battles here.

>> one to wake you up in the morning when the skimm comes in, grapefruit is going to kill you. how about this one, what to say on a date?

>> i know you're disappointed that i'm not halle berry , i get that a lot.

>> i don't want to wrestle on a date.

>> but i'm in a really good place about this. feel very thankful that i'm not halle this week.

>> i would, too. halle had a fisticuffs thanksgiving throwdown. she and her ex-boyfriend gabriel aubry have been locked in a child custody battle dispute so when he dropped off their daughter on thanksgiving things got a little rough with her fiance and there was a fight. gabe rell aubry is looking pretty, you know, roughed up in some photos.

>> he's looked better.

>> especially for a model. and now that he can't see his daughter for a little bit, not a good situation. saying olivier tried to kill him.

>> sounds like a really bad halle berry movie.

>> that's a tough thanksgiving. realizing i completely wasted my time