TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Costumed fans camp out for ‘The Hobbit’ premiere

Thousands of fans dressed as dwarves, wizards, and other characters from “The Hobbit” turned up at the movie’s New Zealand premiere, with some of them traveling around the world and camping out all night to catch a glimpse of the actors starring in the epic movie. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> unexpected journey . nbc's keir simmons has more on that from london. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. tens of thousands of loyal fans turned up for the premiere of "the hobbits" dresses at dwarves, wizards, pretty much every character. huge crowds turned out.

>> we're from the u.s. a bunch of us have been camping out all night.

>> reporter: for a movie that tells an epic story.

>> far to the east of the ranges and rivers.

>> reporter: and took its director years to make.

>> i think the biggest challenge is always just actually making the movie.

>> reporter: new zealand's transformed into middle earth for the premier. the story centers on bilboa baggins played by martin freeman .

>> a lot of work, a lot of hard slog and time and love, and it's a beautiful film.

>> reporter: cate blanchett returns briefly.

>> it's a privilege. you can only hope that you rise to the responsibility that you have to the fans.

>> reporter: the actors are arriving on a specially chartered plane.

>> even if you fly often.

>> reporter: one airline recording a hobbit flight safety video.

>> every time i land in wellington airport it feels like i'm coming home.

>> reporter: "the hobbit, an unexpected journey " has everything you would expect from this franchise. plenty of small hairy people except, of course, for one.

>> it's nice to be back.

>> reporter: on a difficult journey, facing every obstacle with brave hearts.

>> loyalty, honor.

>> reporter: and while "the hobbit," movies, there will be three are more like " lord of the rings ," the fans are as devoted as ever. we'll see what fans make of the way "the hobbit" is filmed at 3-d and at a fast 48 frames per second which apparently not everybody likes. guys, if you look the book, there's a chance you'll love the new movies.

>> key simmons in london, thanks very much. not the last you'll be hearing about the