TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Learn when to get best discounts on coats, jeans, more

The price of staying in style isn’t getting cheaper, but knowing what to buy at specific times of year can save you a lot.  Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire reveals when you should be purchasing some of the staples in your wardrobe, including swimsuits, coats, and jeans.

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>>> time to buy. holiday sales are in full swing , and can you save even more if you know which specific days to shop. a fashion contributor and senior fashion editor at " marie claire " magazine joins us.

>> good morning.

>> you've heard of black friday and cyber monday but the best day all year round which is the best day to shop?

>> which is it?

>> the 27th of december, the best day, if you're willing to fight the crowds that are returning unwanted gifts.

>> and also getting the folks returning their christmas gifts.

>> selection is great.

>> there's some store secrets that you say are good to know about timing and when to go.

>> absolutely. 10:00 a.m . in the morning is a great time to go to any stores because most stores stock the night before so you have a great selection, and there's not a lot of people. avoid the midday because there's too many people around.

>> lots of people on their lunch break at that time.

>> exactly.

>> secondly thursday evening is a great time because weekend sales kick in on a thursday evening.

>> good tip. first, we're going to start with eastern items, certain times of year, best to get them. coats, if you want a coat right now, is this a good time to know?

>> hold off. january and february, retailers want to make room for all their spring stuff. spring is in the air. they are not thinking about winter, so these you will grate discounts on.

>> put a sweater on until then.

>> layer up until then.

>> how about sneakers?

>> april is a great time to buy. retailers are realizing people are motivated to start running, get out running and pound the pavements. they are very competitive when it comes to sportswear so you'll get great discounts.

>> jeans, i would think those never kind of go on sale.

>> much more popular in the summer months, so when it becomes to september, back to school, october, sales dip, so you will see a great spike in sales by buying discount.

>> okay. great. now let's go on to the days of the week, fascinates me.

>> yeah.

>> each day you say there's something worth buying on that day. start with monday, what's a good deal on monday?

>> research shows that on monday women are not thinking about shopping. they are thinking back to work so there's a deep completely in sales so retailers incentivize by having staples on sale, sunglasses, retailers have rebates which they pass on to consumer.

>> monday if you want a new camera.

>> tuesday. how about tuesday, women are still on their shopping diet and it's all about the guys. want to incentivize the guys to shop who do a lot of research on the weekends and buy on tuesday. you find big guyswear on tuesday.

>> wednesday?

>> wednesday is all about the kids, and women stop their shopping diet and they are back on full force so it's the things we can't resieve. the sweet spot , kids clothes, shoes great, and jewelry. find great discounts on wednesday.

>> so the idea is that -- they are going to actually offer discount on these days. you can find some good sales.

>> yes. let us move on to thursday, a nice looking purse there.

>> isn't it just. thursday is great for bigger ticket items because the traffic is the highest of all days, so they can afford to offer bigger discounts so handbags, obviously spend more money on them, can you find great bargains.

>> accessories, too.

>> more on friday, kind of the little pick me up before the weekend.

>> yeah.

>> and also -- and then saturdays and sundays we find a great skinny day, lingerie and swim wear.

>> why on the weekends?

>> i have no idea.

>> show more skin on a weekend.

>> maybe because people shop less for those things so retailers offer bigger discounts and you can find great bargains.

>> should have asked you the beginning, just in the stores, or is there a difference between online and retail?

>> these days of the week, discounts all apply more online. at the beginning of the month, so april for sneakers, january and february for coats. in store and online.

>> some good information. thank you very much.