TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Kelly Osbourne: I don’t feel bad critiquing celebs

The fashion critic on E!’s “Fashion Police” talks about the show’s 100th episode, criticizing celebrity style, and a few of her favorite fashion dos and don’ts.

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>> back new at 8:37 with "today's style." holiday trends from a real fashion authority. kelly osbourne has found her niche as part of e's fashion police . she's here to host and benefit the foundation for aids research . great to have you here.

>> thank you so much.

>> i want to talk trends for the holidays in a few moments, but let's talk about this milestone, 100 episodes of " fashion police ."

>> i cannot believe we have made it to 100 episodes . never filmed 100 episodes of anything in my life, but the fact that we've gone through 100 episodes and not one of us has ever gotten into an argument and all supportive, like family. me and george are like brother and sister, so when people see us like bickering, they are like stop being so mean to george. they don't get it. that's how we are.

>> never gotten in an argument, except about fashion.

>> yeah. of course. about the clothes, or if -- i kind of don't like it if some users refer to somebody as a slut. they should say it looks slutty, because you don't know that about that person.

>> well, you know, it's a good point. i was going to ask you. it's a tough business. you know, you've been on the other side of it where people are critiquing.

>> i still am.

>> do you ever feel bad about critiquing stars' fashion knowing that they have made their best efforts?

>> i would never say anything to anyone that i won't say to their face and that's something i make a real strong point of, but what's amazing to me is what i say and what people hear is a completely different thing.

>> that's for sure.

>> a good observation.

>> and common sense is not common, and they forget that it is a comedy show, and it's finally taken 100 episodes of people to start realizing that " fashion police " is a fashion-based comedy show.

>> knowing what you know about how tough people are on celebrity fashions, is it hard to walk down the red carpet and feel all those eyes on you?

>> no, because it's all about how you feel. it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks or what -- you know, what "the fashion police " think. if you feel beautiful, there's no better feeling.

>> what's the worst fashion crime on the red carpet as far as you're concerned, doing something that's really bold but doesn't work? i'm thinking bjork with the duck, or being too boreing?

>> to me it's when they don't wear the right undergarments.

>> really?

>> because i don't want to see their bully button through their dress, the shape of their belly button through the satin dress because it ruins everything. you stare at it. there's like a weird belly button .

>> never noticed anyone's belly button and why i wouldn't belong on " fashion police ."

>> don't have the right bra and the boobs are hanging out. you need the right undergarment.

>> like it when somebody takes a risk rather than being boreing?

>> i love it. henna bonham carter and bjork because they are fun to watch.

>> do you feel you've gotten better at this job over 100 episodes ?

>> no.

>> it just comes out of my mouth before i've even thought about what i've said because i'm not scripted in any way, on any of the shows that i do on e, so it's -- sometimes i'll say it because it's what i really think and i'll get all of these death threats on twitter, and i'm like it's just my opinion, why do you care that much?

>> right. let's talk about trends for the holiday, because you do tend to see some good fashions and not so good fashions at the office party.

>> we all have our good and bad days .

>> we like to wear something special around the holidays. let's talk about pants. you have dos and don'ts.

>> completely change. everything used to be low-waistd, go high-waisted this year.

>> come on, really?

>> high-waisted because there's many ways, things you can hide if you're got a little bit of puffiness down there, and you can get high-waisted underwear and put a crop top on tom and accentuates the smallest part of your body.

>> high waisted, my many's jeans. sorry, mom.

>> but that's what's back in the '70s.

>> high-waisted.

>> mine are high waisted right now, above my belly button , and you wear like a cropped top but if you don't have the physique, get a black leotard and it will give you curve and definition.

>> talking about prints. dos and don'ts.

>> houndstooth is a big thing, black-and-white prints, i love that. the scarfs.

>> yeah, it's pretty. an easy way to, you know, snag something up. all you have to do is add like a red shoe and then it's a different outfit when it's black and white and that to me when you have that much versatility in an outfit, especially in a recession, it's important to buy clothing that, you know, you can reuse and change very easily.

>> i'm totally depressed. you said no animal prints. i love animal prints. am i just out?

>> i don't know how to say this. if you're like a punk rock kind of kid, totally wear it, but when this season, i don't think so much leopard prints.

>> i love leopard prints.

>> i was afraid. i was like is this leopard print?

>> going through my clothes, the only thing that's not black is leopard prints.

>> let's bring it back. great to see you.

>> thank you.

>> good luck to tonight and catch the 100th episode of " fashion police " friday night on e.