TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

See Matt Lauer go gaga for Gangnam

Conveniently absent on the day Korean superstar PSY performed his hit “Gangnam Style” on the plaza, the famed animators of Jib Jab have found a way to Make TODAY’s Matt Lauer do the horsy dance. Check it out.

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>>> and " gangnam style" is the dance craze that has taken the world by storm. just about everyone is doing the horsey dance, except for our matt lauer . he conveniently wasn't here that are psy's concert on our plaza so jibjab has found a way to make matt dance.

>> that's not fans. oppa gangnam style

>> something's so wrong about that but so right. go to and put any face you want in there. it's free. so matt, savannah.

>> that's really nice.

>> you brought this on yourself.

>> you could have done the horsey dance.

>> am i now off the hook since i've done it, at least computer generated ?

>> no.

>> natalie, thank you very much. stephanie abrams is here this morning because al's still got this laryngitis.

>> hopefully he is feeling better this morning. al, hopefully you're watching, and you are recovering.

>> he's got the tree lighting with you tonight.

>> i can't do it alone.

>> what are you doing tonight?

>> the gangnam dance.

>> anything but spend the night