TODAY   |  November 26, 2012

Kathie Lee on LiLo’s Liz: I wanted better for her

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetimes’ “Liz & Dick,” with Kathie Lee saying that Lohan needs someone to “love her back to life” while Hoda tries to contain her laughter.

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>>> hey, everybody, so glad you're with us, it's fun day monday. it's cyber monday, november 26th . one more thing i don't get involved with at all.

>> a lot of clicking on the computers today. they bought a lot on black friday.

>> really black thursday.

>> why don't we just do it all year round and stop pretending it's really a holiday.

>> exactly. they do have this thing called that someone was talking about if you want to ship gifts and go to, there's a day you can ship for free.

>> that's great. it does save an awful lot of money. people are watching their pennies more than ever before. as upsetting as it is watching people in the holiday spirit absolutely stampeding one another in the holiday spirit of love and joy and good will to all men, there's the other side of it, which is, like you pointed out this morning, people going through desperate times and want to make sure their children have a nice christmas. it's complicated these days.

>> it is, but thanksgiving wasn't. are you still full?

>> i didn't overdo it this year. that's the one time of the year, yeah, everybody helped a little bit, but we had 27 people at our house. great to be home, kids are home. any time my kids are home, i'm thrilled. how about you, hoda, you had a house full .

>> i want to show you where we spend most of the holidays. look at ella, we were screaming hot dog for no apparent reason over and over .

>> ella just jumped up in your lap and cuddles.

>> we went to the parade. that's hannah and her daughter jade. we were watching the thanksgiving day parade , which was such a trip.

>> gorgeous day.

>> sun was on us, it was in the mid 50s. this is our thanksgiving table. look, that's how we do it. everybody squeezing around. that's my brother, it was his birthday as well, his wife, and my mom. again, hot dog ! for no reason. screaming over and over was the thing.

>> what memories you're making.

>> it was so great. we had such fun. that's them dressed up as walruses together. we went to radio city , by the way, riveted, riveted.

>> it's always a great show.

>> ella, being 2 --

>> it's a visual feast. always something to look at. no moment for them to get at all bored. they love their auntie hoda. settles down a bit. when you don't have children and it's nothing but nonstop children, it's so joyful but exhausting, isn't it?

>> i know it sounds trite, but for a short moment i understood what it's like to have two kids. my mom's laughing, i know, but the point is, you realize to go take a shower takes time. they are there and you can't just go in the shower, even if you're dying for a shower. then when you're in, auntie hoda, are you coming out? i get it, a little. not a lot.

>> and you want a dog?

>> yes, i'm getting a dog soon.

>> wait till you get that dog and how your life will change.

>>> everyone's talking about on lifetime last night at 9:00 sharp, people were watching "liz and dick" about elizabeth taylor and dick burton . this was supposed to be her comeback. looked a lot like liz taylor .

>> i didn't see the show. we're going to show some clips.

>> got terrible reviews, just letting you know. here's some clips.

>> the great actor richard burton . please, has anyone ever told you you're a very pretty girl ?

>> you know, i had the misfortune of meeting the rudest actress today, who walked away in the middle of my sentence. obviously, incapable of recognizing a shakespearean poise.

>> is there anything else i can do for you?

>> is that what you thought, another notch on the belt?

>> please!

>> all the leading ladies except julie andrews , well, if she can resist you, so can i.

>> who do you love, me or eddie?

>> you.

>> a little louder, please, for the room.

>> i love you.

>> not that i'm counting, but if i'm not mistaken, you've just ended, what, your fourth marriage?

>> who's counting?

>> it might be a record for the 29 year old.

>> what am i supposed to do, i love the man, end of story.

>> i was hoping better for her. i was really hoping. this is a young woman i've known since she was 12. i don't know her well, obviously, but interviewing her, watching her career. such promise, darling little red -headed freckled girl when she did "parent trap." she played it so beautifully. then we've all sort of watched this meltdown over the years that just breaks your heart.

>> yeah.

>> any human being having that kind of struggles, i think she's been in rehab six times, arrested, who can keep track? but i think she was truly hoping this was going to be her comeback. what i fear now, hoda, she does not have the emotional or spiritual reserve in her to withstand this kind of devastating reviews. she'll take them personally and not put them in perspective and have a wealth of spirit to draw on and self strength, you know. she doesn't have that, obviously, because of what she struggles with. somebody has got to get a hold of her and love her back to life.

>> it was hard to watch, i got to tell you. you expect a lot, and her co-star in the movie was interviewed by billy bush on access holiday and talked about how she didn't really run through lines with him, did one take, was quite late. some of this is self destructive.

>> when you get that shot, you've got to -- people who love her should have stayed around her, made sure she was there on time. what does she pay managers and agents for? make sure she's ready to do the work. she's capable of the work, but you can't have yes people.

>> it was not one moment --

>> i'd love to get a yes person. i don't get a yeah or maybe.

>> there wasn't one moment in that movie i wasn't reminded that's lindsay lohan . there was not a moment you got lost in the movie and thought, oh, my god, i'm feeling.

>> his voice sounded similar --

>> one more quote, one more thing.

>> what's going on? oh, don't tell me it's another one of those damn fires. mother? what is going on?

>> it's richard. he's dead, hon. oh, my god! elizabeth! [ laughter ]

>> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i feel awful. everyone else is laughing, you just can't see them. i'm sorry, it's a sad scene. like a bag of dirt, like plop. it was weird. okay, anyway. what did you think of it? i just --

>> sorry, now you're making me feel bad that i laughed. sorry.

>> i just -- i just worry for this young girl . somebody was -- our show, "scandalous" got some reviews that were less than thrilling too, until somebody reminded me there's a book called "rotten reviews." you can't believe the reviews les miserables got, wicked, camelot. you might be in great company. i'm worried one day we're all going to read the newspapers or hear a news report and we'll have run out of time to help this girl.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> that's what i think.

>>> somebody help justin too. love our biebster, love his mom, but she didn't dress him this morning.

>> he was meeting the canadian prime minister wearing overalls, a t-shirt, and his hat on backwards.

>> getting a huge award, diamond jubilee medal.

>> this is his home turf. question is, why. people on twitter were calling him disrespectful and stuff. justin tweeted this quote, "i met the prime minister in overalls, lol." like isn't it funny.

>> prime minister tweeted, in fairness to bieber, i said i'd wear my overalls too.

>> i guess the prime minister went to the place where justin bieber was going to be performing, is that right that night? went there hours before performance, he came from rehearsal. i still think that you should dress to meet the prime minister.

>> he's 19 years old, isn't completely grown up yet. a young man's brain isn't even formed until it's 22. we'll give him a little leeway here. again, you have to trust the people around you to say, justin , this is going to be a big deal . they didn't do it.

>> yeah.

>> or else it's a complete decline of our civilization.

>>> speaking of that --

>> this is a decline of civilization.

>> this was sent up, we laughed about it. i don't know, maybe there's one for you too.

>> other side.

>> oh, okay, sorry. i don't easily fold, okay? look at this, this was sent to us from groupon. it's a blanket. and apparently, mine was given to christine, my assistant, and christine gave it back. i want mine. it's got bambino with reindeer ears.

>> if you want to order one, not this one, no one would want this one. i think online they have those things called photos on a blanket or something like that.

>> it would be a fun gift. mine -- is that your favorite thing?

>> no, it's not. clearly. mine is almost out, because i love it. it's a joe malone bath gel. it is nectarine, blossom, and honey. it's $50. one squirt and you smell like --

>> thank you, jerry. jerry wants the blanket.

>> what's yours?

>> mine is something my friend drew hammer gave me. we went to israel this april. when i looked down, there was a stone there exactly like a real heart, and she had just come through a 27-year marriage ending and she felt like she had a heart of stone . that was a reminder to let her heart again become soft and tender towards the world. so she set it up, it's called a charitable foundation , all proceeds go to churches around america where ministries help single women in need who have gone through the devastation of divorce. prices start at -- oh, they are expensive. $295, and it is gold and goes to a good cause.

>> sara, what do you got?

>> decorating my apartment and recently found this amazing blanket. i've been covering up in it all weekend. no, this is actually my favorite thing. it's the gel nail kit, about $79, a gel manicure lasts longer. this you can do it yourself. i had it on last week, it's amazing. it will save you money in the long run.

>> i have a concern about damaging nail beds , i do it on my toes.

>>> we have a contest winner to announce.

>> if you've had a wedding and there's been a problem with it.

>> wedding ceremony ?

>> sometimes there are wedding problems you have, whether a storm hits or your guests get food poisoning , whatever. anyway, you're getting a chance to do it over. you're getting a trip to bahamas for two. three nights at the resort. pay attention , people, listen. when you say something confidently, people