TODAY   |  November 26, 2012

99 percent diet: Healthy, affordable food for all

You don’t need to be among the wealthiest 1 percent to eat well – in a new article, Dr. Mehmet Oz says healthy, affordable food can be found at any supermarket. He shares some of his top tips, including the health benefits of frozen and canned veggies, and the best healthy cuts of meat.

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>>> this morning on "today's health," a 99% diet. may seem like you need to be a wealthy member of the 1% to eat well and feed your family well, but in a new article for "time" magazine dr. mehmet oz said you can find healthy food right at your local supermarket. nice to see you.

>> good morning.

>> like the fact that you're writing over it that it seems like this myth has been created that you have to go to specialty stores and spend a lot of money to get healthy food.

>> a lot of families don't think they can field their family healthy foods . ordinary foods that are incredibly healthy.

>> is this a marketing campaign that we all bought into?

>> some marketing. in the best of all words you'd buy organic because it's better for the environment and often tastes a little better and does have things are niceties to have. you can eat well every day.

>> inexpensively, at the supermarket. don't forget the frozen food section. don't forget canned foods .

>> let's tell you about both of these. frozen foods , 100-year-old technology, flash freeze the food so it doesn't ruin the taste. fresh foods and vegetables harvested when they are ripe so they have the maximum amount of nutrients. when you freeze this way, they preserve 85% of the nutrients which is great.

>> organic strawberries here versus going out and buying them in a market, how expensive are these?

>> fraction of the price and the best part is there's no wastage. a lot of women know out there, buy with the best intentions , the kids don't finish the food and throw it away. you can eat out of

>> why do you like canned snoods.

>> 200-year-old technology, quickly sealed so they don't go bad. you have all the benefits, salmon, most people don't think of a food they have to get in a can so they don't have to pay money for it, great shelf line.

>> salmon, beans, corn. what about the worry that there's too much salt?

>> today you don't need to have as much salt. asparagus doesn't taste as well in a can but tuna, beans.

>> now meat.

>> a portion of what it looks like and i wouldn't want you to have more than every other day.

>> you don't have to go to a butcher. though i'm not trying to hurt the butcher's business here but you can find the good meat right in the supermarket.

>> lean, the problem we have with meat, fry, it especially chicken. here's a good way of doing, it put it in a wheat tostado and put vegetables around that and don't have to have a lot of lard with that.

>> meats like this are fairly inexpensive.

>> priced these out, very affordable.

>> the next table contains foods that tend to get a bad rap .

>> take peanut butter , the most pedestrian of all foods , as many unsaturated fats as olive oil and proteins and kids love it.

>> do you have is to buy organic or good old fashioned skip?

>> eat what you grew up with as long as you didn't add a lot of sugar or processed food . look on the label and make sure they don't add chunk to t.guacamole and salsa, one of my favorites, don't have it with fried chips, lose all the benefits. baked examples, but can you find many other sources.

>> like pita chips .

>> again, i don't want to get you lost in all of that. as long as it's not fried, there's licopine in this, get all that you need.

>> even as you're eating healthier you like to indulge yourself every once in a while and foods you can use to indulge yourself and they are not really going to hurt you.

>> in the oz household the air popped popcorn is the way to go, chocolate is a good way to go, milk chocolate is not milk chocolate , milk fat and coloring. buy real chocolate. the more cocoa in it, the more it's bitter, the less you'll want to eat a tonight. i grew up with ice cream , finished a wonderful holiday, food is sacred, get the family around and celebrate life. i'm okay with ice cream but a serving size is one-quarter of the container, that that once in a while .

>> in the in the lauer household.

>> one thing about ice cream , you know, again, real ice cream . this has pistachios and a little bit of sugar but not a lot of junk added.

>> dr. odd, good information. coming