TODAY   |  November 23, 2012

‘Rise of the Guardians’ shows kids a magical world

Most people know Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy, but what do you know about Jack Frost? The new kids’ film “Rise of the Guardians” shows him joining forces with a gang of childhood heroes to protect the magic of children’s imagination. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> there's a new family movie in theaters this week, one that's action-packed to say the least featuring everyone from santa claus to jack frost . nbc's emkosinksi is here. good morning, michelle.

>> put them all in here, "rise of the guardian," 3-d dreamworks, takes all these childhood idols, they are working together and the know each other to protect kids' sense of wonder told from the perspective of jack frost .

>> i've been around for a long time. my name is jack frost .

>> reporter: yes, jack, did you know he's that young man in a frosty hood who makes all kinds of winter fun?

>> thanks.

>> you're welcome.

>> reporter: but do kids really believe in him?

>> how about jack frost ?

>> jack frost .

>> i don't really think he exists.

>> you don't?

>> reporter: and that's the point. in this magical word where santa has tatz and a russian accent .

>> jack to the.

>> reporter: toys are made by yeddies.

>> i thought elves made the toys.

>> just let them believe it.

>> reporter: the easter bunny 's australian.

>> i'm a bunny.

>> hello, jack.

>> reporter: and the flutteringly sweet tooth fairy, the glimmering drowsy sandman.

>> sandy, sandy?

>> reporter: all work together.

>> each of those lights is a child.

>> naughty or nice we protect them.

>> you don't want me.

>> reporter: jack's problem is he doesn't feel believed in or very important but is recruited to join them as the newest guardian.

>> music.

>> what makes you think i want to be a guardian?

>> of course you do? to save the world 's children from the villain, pitch black . he makes kids' hopes and beliefs disappear.

>> it's fear. we caught up with the voice of jack frost , actor chris pine .

>> you don't want me. you're all hard working deadlines and i'm snowballs.

>> reporter: must have been tough to do those scenes all alone.

>> i'm not looking at anybody, looking at a page of dialogue and a microphone. they brought alex in for my character jack frost and the santa claus .

>> am i on the naughty list?

>> on the naughty list. you hold the record.

>> reporter: it was actually harder to do with alec there so i was more taken with what watching what alec was doing.

>> the children are in danger.

>> must have done something really bad to get you four together.

>> reporter: your voice embodied in this?

>> it's bizarre. this little kind of waif-like, you know, white-haired child, boy-man that i'm trying to embody.

>> why me?

>> you have something very special inside.

>> reporter: he and his fellow actors, the animators that fully grew these characters, the entire orchestra behind it all fell in love with the story.

>> it's about the kind of -- the joy of being a child and what childhood is all about.

>> i'm not afraid of you.

>> reporter: and jack learns to believe in himself, something that might reach out in 3-d or hg across that screen.

>> jack frost .

>> jack frost .

>> yes.

>> he's real, too?

>> because he -- last night he came and frosted my plants.