TODAY   |  November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving turkey makes dog do happy dance

When an adorable pooch smelled his family’s delicious Thanksgiving turkey, he danced for his dinner, showing off his conga skills in the kitchen.

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>>> and americans love dancing more than anyone else. loopy started to dance for turkey on the counter and got out the video camera and put the miami sound machine underneath. hopefully after that performance the dog was rewarded with some turkey. best in congo goes to sloopy in miami.

>> awesome.

>> made an editorial decision. going cancel the rest of the show and watch that.

>> book the dog and bring him on the show and make him redo this moment.

>> an exclusive with the dog.

>> look at the moves.

>> i'll watch it.

>> man wants his turkey.

>> i need to know if the dog got the turkey. that's what we have to find out.

>> got to reward that.