TODAY   |  November 23, 2012

Daredevil cyclists test courage in mountaintop race

Every year, the best bike riders in the world travel to Virgin, Utah, for the extreme mountain bike race, the Red Bull Rampage. Cyclist Darren Berrecloth gives TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe a tour of the breakneck downhill course that’s all about pushing limits.

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>>> if you thought the best way to go down a mountain fast was on skis or on a snowboard, wait until you see the sports jenna wolfe tried.

>> i don't know how that got in the teleprompter.

>> way off. i tried it. all heard about extreme sports but would i like to open a new category. call it the most unbelievable sports you could possibly imagine. it is the best way i can describe what i saw when i got an up-close look at free ride mountain biking . believe me, this is one sport you will definitely need a helmet for. every year some of the best riders in the world come to utah, a chance to test their courage and sharpen their skills and measure up to a frightening standard, but that's not happening here. it's actually taking place a few miles over there. this is a rider's eye view of downhill mountain biking . it's a sport that's all about pushing limits. darren bearcloth may be the best in the world tat. you got the okay from your parents.

>> anything i could do to go outside and get out of their, they were creaty stoked.

>> reporter: starting his career on bmx bikes , faircloth now find his challenge at the rampage. it's a course that opens up like a jagged grate. darren gave me a guided tour . how often would you walk the course?

>> we're constantly walking the course and checking out new lines and possibilities.

>> reporter: lines refer to the routes that riders take to the bottom. they are judged on their speed, degree of difficulty and creativity, kind of like figure skating. you know where your line it. you don't have to spray paint your initials on it. lines are made.

>> it's very meticulous determined how well thought out the person's run. this is one of the bigger drops and last year where cameron zinc pulled a 360. one of the best things about this contest it's kind of like using your own creativity and letting the land almost speak to you and kind of paint your own little picture. i know what you're thinking, these guys are crazy, right? darren says that couldn't be further from the truth. we know exactly what we're doing and we plan for this and we train for this, and this is our home.

>> reporter: the past calm of years bearcloth and a group of his riding buddies looked for new lines in british columbia , argentina, nepal and china's goby desert. where they went and what they did became this spectacular film called "where the trail ends." how many people in the world can say they mountain biked down the goby desert?

>> there's five of us so far.

>> reporter: if you want to know who you really are, sometimes it helps just to see how far you can go. darren set me up with a helmet, some gloves and a quick lesson. i feel like it's too much, too soon. from there it was all downhill. i did it. i did it. cross that off the bucket list, baby. when we're kids, a bike means the freedom to get out of the neighborhood. just how far we go is entirely up to us.

>> thank you to dash for his time and patience with me. catch darren an his friends on the december 8th broadcast of the rul bued bull rampage and tamron was very impressed with my voice.

>> you look at the landscape and what they are doing, a spiritual feeling, so heartwarming. i like that.

>> a lot of edits in your ride. you sort of started and crossed the finish line .

>> i'd like to know what happened in between.

>> get a helmet. get a