TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

Cranberries and more: Quick Thanksgiving desserts

New York Times columnist Melissa Clark shares three easy dessert recipes for Thanksgiving dessert, including cranberry almond butter cake, apple-pear crumble and chocolate soufflé cake with candied ginger and pomegranate.

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>>> and the part of the meal you know you don't have room for but somehow you seem to find it. we are talking dessert. if you just haven't had a minute to think about it don't worry, "new york times" columnist melissa clark has last-minute ideas you can make from scratch or just buy a box.

>> hi, how are you?

>> don't buy a pie. you can do.

>> this >> somebody said to say that.

>> so easy.

>> see what i'm say?

>> hody can do this. i'm fine what are we make, sweetie?

>> a cranberry almond cake , see there the first step is make cranberry sauce or buy cranberry sauce you if you have some cans in your house, maybe bought a little bit of extra, use that.

>> fresh cranberries.

>> cranberries, sugar, the great thing about this.

>> that a cup?

>> about a cup and a third.

>> the great thing about this, use the same cranberry sauce you make for the cake, tuesday on the table, exact same thing. do it all at once.

>> got it.

>> orange juice .

>> a half a cup?

>> yeah.

>> okay.

>> take that off. we have got some orange zest there

>> zest. zest to make it zesty. and that's just plain old water. let that bubble about 15 minutes and then at the end of it, it's gonna look just like cranberry sauce . and we have got some done over here.

>> got it.

>> all made. okay.

>> now, a birth almond cake . i have got whole, raw almonds, unskinned. use whatever almonds you have in the house. if you have the little blanchd ones, -- blanched ones, no problem. a little bit of sugar p salt. so we are done there going to grind them up. the great thing about this do the whole thing in the food processor .

>> hoda's cooking.

>> you're doing good. let it go. okay. bi bingo. it's ground.

>> add a lot of birutter.

>> is a butter cake .

>> is there a way to use a substitute, i can't believe it's not butter or something?

>> no. no.

>> sorry about that.

>> don't mess with that.

>> not a very nice thanksgiving attitude.

>> no you can do whatever you want .

>> whatever you want .

>> just will taste terrible.

>> the thing about this butter is it looks like a lot, thisser is was a lot of people it is not that much butter, a lot of fat from the almonds, good, healthy fat.

>> right.

>> let it get creamy.

>> yeah.

>> now, hoda, add the flour.

>> finally, get to do something. salt in there, too.

>> actually, and there's baking powder, which is important. want it to have a little rise.

>> all right. start. there we go.

>> how long do you bake it?

>> about an hour.

>> you put two-thirds in and the cranberry saw that is the secret ingredient , can't see tomorrow from the top. boll doll lop it on top.

>> that is a dollop all right. want more? that a sloppy dollop.

>> okay. when you cut that cake it is going to be perfect.

>> let's go ahead and taste things.

>> fred is on, bake it at 350, almonds on top.

>> okey-doke.

>> just keep doing this bake this and eat it later.

>> that this so good.

>> the good thing about this cake, you can make it from probably stuff you have in your cabinet exalmonds, butter.

>> delicious.

>> that is a souffle cake, a glorified giant brownie. when you get a brownie, really small. if you make it into a cake and cut yourself a big piece, sounds fancy, if you call it chocolate souffle cake.

>> and this?

>> apple pear crips. put it in the fridge, when you pull the turkey out, pop it in the oven.

>> frank gifford , want this with vanilla ice cream.

>> melissa, thank you so much.

>> happy thanksgiving.

>> have is to try this. get in there.