TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

Rancics plan on having a second child

Giuliana and Bill Rancic talk to TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about life with baby Duke and their plans to have another child. Bill says fatherhood “turns the volume down on things that don’t matter,” and Giuliana reveals they’ve decided to move to Chicago and prepare for a second baby.

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>> 10pm . walmart.

>>> we are back now with one of our favorite couples who recently have been blessed with their first child.

>> oh, yes. last night, viewers saw guliana rancic holding her newborn son, edward duke rancic, the first time and the mom and dad used a surrogate to have their first child after julianna underwent a public fight against breast cancer late last year.

>> the beaming parents are here to tell us about life with the little bundle named duke. hey, guys, great to see you.

>> how is it?

>> how's dukester?

>> amazing. amazing.

>> it's kind of great. we are loving every second of it. how it was holding him like that and did the bond happen instantly or --

>> listen, i honestly -- i -- you questioned my abilities as a nurturing mother early on.

>> it was 50/50, whether or not she was going to be able to handle this h

>> why?

>> do you know why? i think 'cause i had gone 37 years without a baby, you know, just focusing on myself and my husband and my career, that i didn't know how i would react when he was in my arms. and came so naturally. he is just the cutest little nugget.

>> how's being a father, bill?

>> spectacular. you know --

>> how has it changed you?

>> it puts things in perspective, you know? i think -- i think you stop keeping score about the little things in life and you think, wow, this is what life's b turns the volume down on the things that don't matter.

>> how do you guys do it? you both have very, very careers.

>> and are you bicity, too, back and forth between chicago and l.a.?

>> we have businesses, a restaurant in chicago , we have businesses in chicago , so we do go back and forth. and it's tough. we have really put the brings a lot of things the last three months.

>> you have to, make choice.

>> what life is b make sacrifices.

>> probably some more big changes.

>> what's that supposed to mean?

>> dunn dunn dunn.

>> breaking news. is this an exclusive?

>> breaking news.

>> well, listen, we have realized that we are so lucky to have this baby, so blessed. we didn't know if we would have ever him at one point.

>> a big question mark there.

>> struggled so long with infertility and the breast cancer that wasn't fun.

>> but that's been over a year now?

>> just over a year. i'm doing great. i'm doing great. so now that we have him to, you know, go off to work or do certain things and leave him, what am i doing?

>> why i did think this was fun at one point in life?

>> we want to be with the baby.

>> no one can raise your kid better than you can. just simple. you got to be there.

>> now what about a sibling? i know probably not the first thing on your minds now is that something you guys have thought about?

>> it is the first thing on my mind.

>> we made a little deal. you can tell them the deal. we negotiate a lot of things in our marriage. go. to what it is all b.

>> the negotiator here. trump taught you very well. bill said you want another baby, we got to move to chicago first, full time in chicago .

>> that's because why?

>> family there, roots there. l.a. is a very difficult place to raise kids.

>> is, with certain values.

>> i'm not from l.a. and bill is from chicago , i'm from the east coast . so l.a. doesn't really feel like home. i really only ever worked in l.a. i don't have a ton of friends and family.

>> where did you grow up?

>> bethesda, maryland.

>> near any annapolis and buoy.

>> maryland girl.

>> see the beautiful videos they look like home movies , you feel like you're peeking in in on your private home movies do you have concerns now that the train has left the station here?

>> i think so many people have been with us on this journey and have prayed for us and really, you know, we have taken with -- for us not to show this happy ending i think would have been a real disservice to them. but i think going forward, it's going to be very controlled. he is not going to live that kind of a life.

>> it was really important to us to shoot that episode ourselves, essentially. you know, we -- the birth of the baby, we didn't want the network cameras in there. so what we did is we said, listen i know you guys are going to hate us for saying this not going to have our cameras in there we will shoot it ourselves.

>> but it would be very -- it's a big option for lots of people.

>> for us, it was never -- i was never --

>> we went through all the video and decided what we felt we could show.

>> comfortable.

>> we have a lot of private footage for ourselves.

>> you have to be in control of your own lives. otherwise, your life spins out of control, interestingly enough.

>> we are so happy for you two.

>> we are happy. it is good being married to this guy and having a baby with him. seriously.

>> everything that you-all have been through has made you so much stronger as a couple.

>> it has.

>> as i say, god gives you weakness to make you stronger, you know? and those weaknesses that i've had, they have just made us stronger around better.

>> that's awesome.

>> wish you all the best. give duke a big smooch, auntie kathy and auntie hoedy.