TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

What pro football team has played for 78 Thanksgivings?

Elaine Griffin, contributing editor for “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, joins TODAY’s Hota Kotb to share the answers to Thanksgiving trivia questions like what character has appeared as a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade the most times, which state raises the most Thanksgiving turkeys, and which NFL team has played the most on Thanksgiving over the years.

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>>> we are ready to play "who knew" with kathie lee across the street at the nbc experience store on turkey day . those who get it right get $100. and those who don't, they are cd . joining me is elaine griffin, good friend of ours from better homes gardens magazine r we ready?

>> we are ready.

>> kath , take it away.

>> first lovely lady from nashville. approximately how many pounds of turkey were consumed on thanksgiving in 2011 , 5 million, 264, 522 or 736 million pounds of turkey?

>> let's go with, um, which is the 522? c?

>> no but you're gonna love this cd all through the holidays. [ laughter ]

>> the correct answer here, the big one, 736 million pounds.

>> can you believe that?

>> yeah.

>> that's amazing.

>> the national turkey federation , yes, there is one, estimates that 88% of americans eat turkey every year for thanksgiving . that average outs to 2 1/2 pounds per person.

>> woof. you're kidding? all right, back across to kath .

>> these folks miss you, hoda, from new orleans.

>> miss them too.

>> which character has appeared as a giant balloon in the macy's thanksgiving day parade the most times? mickey mouse , kermit the frog , snoopy or ronald mcdonald ?

>> b. [ buzzer ]

>> not kermit the frog . it's snoopy. snoopy has been around forever?

>> more than anyone else. in fact, he is top dog. the macy's thanksgiving day parade , which started as christmas parade to kick off the season in 1924 actually had animals from the central park zoo and no snoopy. the hot air balloons showed up in 1927 and we have seen snoopy 36 times.

>> wow.

>> great.

>> back across to kath .

>> from tucson, arizona, which state raises the most turkeys for a thanksgiving , minnesota , arkansas, north carolina or virginia?

>> i'm gonna go with virginia. [ buzzer ]

>> it is minnesota . minnesota .

>> a good day's work.

>> a good day for kathy minnesota . 45 million turk case year, a quarter of all the turkeys that are raised every year.

>> good info. back across to kath .

>> from the party town of austin, texas, which football team has played every thanksgiving since 34, pittsburgh steelers , detroit lions , green bay packers or dallas cowboys ?

>> hmm. i'm gonna have to go with the green bay packers on this one.

>> you would be wrong.

>> oh, my gosh. this is pretty astonishing. everybody has been wrong. th correct answer, detroit lions .

>> hard not to say cowboys from the lone star state .

>>> it is actually the detroit lions when they moved from ohio to detroit to join the nfl, it was their first thanksgiving game, had one ever since.

>> back to kath .

>> from dford, pennsylvania, according to the national retail federation , how many shoppers hit the stores last year?

>> c. [ dipping ]

>> yay!

>> there is a sigh of relief from the studio. someone got it right. 226 million.

>> she is a power shopper in training. probably one of those people, seven out of ten americans hits the stores, the malls or the internet and they spend about $400 each.

>> that right?

>> more than her allowance.

>> i think we have time for another one.

>> lovely kid from north andover , massachusetts. how many days did the first thanksgiving last in 16121, one, two, three or four days?

>> one. [ buzzer ]

>> no. no. no.

>> i don't think he is going to like this cd . give it to your mother or grandmother.

>> correct answer, three days. tleencht days. respect you glad you didn't have to do those dishes?

>> elaine, thank you so much for coming to see us. happy thanksgiving , girl.