TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

Previewing the 2012 National Dog Show

Actor John O’Hurley, who has hosted the National Dog Show for more than a decade, brings two furry friends to reveal the new breeds included in this year’s show, which will feature a total of 173 breeds.

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>>> the national dog show is kicking off its second decade on nbc with some of the world's largest, smallest and most exotic breeds. actor, author, dog lover john o'hurley is back hosting the show for the 11th year in a row. so good to see you.

>> great to be here. brought two pals.

>> introduce us to these friends.

>> i have 250 pounds of lap dogs with me right here. this is lill abner and that's astella right over there.

>> sell ark!

>> she loves you, al.

>> one of the oldest breeds, and certainly the oldest breed in france. these dogs used to work the vineyards and fields out there and used as guard dogs and i had a lot in common because i for one would lay my life down for any vineyard.

>> what's behind the name?

>> this is a very popular hunting dog in the south and been around for about 100-plus years.

>> beautiful.

>> just recognized this year. also have a little russell terrier that's about 10 inches tall that will just break your heart. one of the cutest dogs you have ever seen. and we have -- we have the largest -- this will be the largest show we've ever done, 173 breeds this year of over 2,000 dogs competing so the show has just grown in its popularity, complexity, and we'll have an audience of 20 million.

>> become a tradition in many homes.

>> we love it.

>> big beautiful animals and you'll see a lot more like them if you tune in tomorrow. john, thanks so much. catch the national dog show tomorrow at noon right here