TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

How to create extra seating for football viewing

Carter Oosterhouse, author of “Carter’s Way: A No-Nonsense Method for Designing Your Own Super Stylish Home,” shows how you can turn your living room into a football stadium by adding a little extra seating to ensure all your guests can watch the Thanksgiving football games comfortably.

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>> turkey day happens every thanksgiving. relatives pile up on the sofa to watch the macy's prey or football so maybe there's a better way than stuffing your uncles under the couch today. the author of "carter's way," a no nonsense way of developing your own super stylish home."

>> let's go for it.

>> let's start with stadium seating . how do you create that?

>> stadium-style seating, general rules of thumb we should already have. on the back side we've put the bar stools in the back. gather bar stools , if you have those around your home, use your neighbors, craigslist, get those, already double our seating with the sofa which is second team and bar stools which is third tier and pushed our coffee table forward and have our throw pillows which is the first level of seating. that's good for kids or latecomers.

>> does that involve moving the couch.

>> if you have to, move it up two to three feet just to make room for the space in between as well as the coffee table.

>> okay. now if i'm watching the tv from where i'm seated, is there like a science to where you want the television.

>> the television should be, take the diagonal length of your tv, say that's four feet for a nice good number. take four feet, three times the distance, if it's four feet should be 12 feet as far as the space in between and then height-wise, most people put the tv too high. want that in eye line or little above the primary seating where you are right now. it's raised a little bit on that media console.

>> so you're watching a little mary j and don't have to crane your neck.

>> most people you get up and the tv is way up high, don't work, especially for football games and there's three on for thanksgiving.

>> got to most coffee table around a little bit to make room.

>> moved the coffee table up but coffee tables, everybody should know, no higher than the seating on your sofa and no more than two to three inches lower than the seating. everybody asks these questions, how high and how big, general rules of thumb you should live by.

>> kind of buried the lead here, i have to confess, a keg on the table.

>> how cool is that.

>> a little smaller. grandma doing a keg stand poolside. tough for grandma.

>> might be trick toe do a keg stand with that one. those kegs are so cool. average of $20. i think they have 14 12-ounce glasses so that's a dollar and change per beer which is really nice to have around and being a bit more eco-friendly, not wasting a bunch.

>> carter, thanks a bunch.

>> next time i have you over i'll let you sit on the couch.

>> congratulations on the book and happy to see you. happy thanksgiving.