TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

David Gregory takes on LiLo for Leno’s diva title

A clip from “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno suggests that guest star Lindsay Lohan’s reputation as a ‘diva’ may have rubbed off on another guest, moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press” David Gregory.

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>>> and this clip from tuesday's " tonight show with jay leno " is popular online. guest star lindsay lohan 's attitude apparently rubbed off on another guest.

>> what a diva we have on the show tonight.

>> hey, lindsay, you look great.

>> thanks for coming.

>> oh, of course, everyone is so nice here.

>> appreciate you being here.

>> thanks.

>> everything okay, mr. gregory?

>> yeah, yeah, it's all right, jay. can i get a little more milk and butter, please.

>> that, of course, was david gregory , moderator of nbc's "meet the press" who we can actually report has absolutely no diva tendencies.