TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

Eat this, not that: Save Thanksgiving calories

Thanksgiving may be a holiday for indulging, but you can keep your feasting under control with some smart swaps. Dave Zinczenko, author of “Eat This, Not That! 2013: The No Diet Weight Loss Solution,” shares how to eat healthier without losing your Thanksgiving favorites.

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>>> this morning we have a special thanksgiving edition of "eat this not that," yes, we all love pigging out on the big day but david zinczenko is here to kill that joy.

>> the author of eat this, not that joining us this morning. good morning.

>> good to see you.

>> really? can't have one meal one day of the year that you just go crazy on?

>> you can still stuff your face without testing the fortitude of your designer jeans. you'll be totally fine. we'll burn off the bird. you'll be great.

>> i am doing this segment under protest, all right?

>> me, too.

>> let's start with your first thing you want to swap out. this is dark meat turk wet skin and cranberry sauce . what's wrong with that?

>> probably two to five times fattier than white meat and the problem, the cranberry sauce with 52 grams of sugar. taking the cranberry sauce which is normally bitter and want to make it tasty with the sugar, sort of like a taylor swift breakup song .

>> the equivalent?

>> oh, yes.

>> we've got 18 glazed munchkins.

>> yum, that's for breakfast on thanksgiving.

>> just do this, have the turkey and gravy, 28 calories, saving almost 300 and 30 minutes of touch football you burn it off.

>> how many calories in the green leaves ? you're killing me, mashed potatoes, my favorite dish.

>> little herbs of carbohydrates stuffed with fat. it's a nutritional blank set, 230 calories, nine grams of fat. could you have made it look worse with all the butter?

>> and it's green.

>> partly a company thing.

>> here's the equivalent.

>> 11 buttermilk biscuits, saturated fat equivalent. have the roasted butternut squash . it's 130 calories, saving 135. can you have two and a half.

>> the vegetables, might be able to agree with here. get rid of the creamed spinach because that's craze we fat.

>> loses its nutritional edge as soon as you do that. 440 calories, cover it in cream, like taking brooklyn decker or channing tatum and dressing them up in a fat suit t.loses the whole point. you can't do that, so it's the calorie equivalent right here of 13 chick-fil-a nuggets.

>> okay.

>> here. have the roasted brussel sprouts .

>> right.

>> can we add bacon back into the brussel sprouts or you don't have to and have six servings and that is the equivalent of the creamed spinach.

>> next corn bread .

>> a big favorite.

>> this sticks together thanks to all the fat and then there's more fat on top of it so it's like a cake of fat.

>> nobody puts that much butter on a piece of cornbread. it is the equivalent to two dozen nilla watchers.

>> i've eaten that many nilla wafors.

>> don't have something sweeter, assaultier, fattier.

>> you know what's a better replacement than that?

>> all right. we're going rogue. we're going rogue.

>> pecan pie , just about the worst. it's 770 calories, 44 grams of fat.

>> really.

>> it's a big goopy dilemma. the nuts make it news. it's a healthy nut, but there are too many of them, equivalent of 50 gingerbread men cookies. have the pumpkin pie , loaded with vitamins and fiber.

>> did you say something?

>> see you in a month and you can ruin christmas