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David J. Phillip / AP

TODAY   |  November 21, 2012

Millions set out for Thanksgiving travel

With one day left before Thanksgiving, millions of Americans are trying to make it home by bus, car, airfare and even by cruise ships. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>>> today for the thanksgiving holiday, and that means the roads are going to be packed. our jeff rossen is on i-95. jeff, how does it look out there?

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. i don't know about your family. my nbc family wouldn't let me drive and drive at the time, probably. our producer laura is behind the wheel. doing an all right job. in a bit of traffic. some heading into new york, but there are a lot of people here traveling for thanksgiving. in fact, this is the busiest travel day today. 43.6 million americans will travel. 90% of us will travel today by car, believe it or not. that's more than last year. the average distance traveled, if you want some little factoids to impress your friends at thanksgiving. 588 miles. there's also a very interesting issue here in the northeast. rental cars almost impossible to find because thousands of them were flooded by hurricane sandy, so if you're trying to get a rental car in the northeast, you probably didn't have much luck. as far as air travel goes, good news there. it is down from last year so the airports will be a little empti emptier, and when you're shopping for airfare, airfare is down as well, about 11%. the average price for a ticket within the u.s. today is $188, and finally, buses, cruise ships and trains, 1.3 million americans traveling that way today, and so here we are on i-95, hoping to get back to you, matt, because i hear you're cooking dinner. we'll be there shortly.

>> may want to head in the other direction. good to see you.

>> what are you saying, you're cooking but he's not invited?

>> doesn't want my cooking.